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Saturday, October 17, 2009

To : Eujin Choi

If your name is Eujin C,
please proceed.

I'm so so so sorry!!

I know I'm very sui.

I said I will add you in facebook but I didn't.
I said I will post up something for you but I didn't.

I didn't mean to bluff you..sorry!! >.<

I lost my cable.
I can't slot in my memory card.
I can't transfer my surprise for you here.
[p/s: I think I've lost the surprise..o.0]

This week has been a very busy and tough week.
More work to do than I had imagined.
More applications waiting than I had planned.


I promise you,
that I will post up the article, dedicated to you,
as I slowly build up another surprise for you, k? =)

So...visit my blog everyday and you'll find out, one day. xD

Wee~ So excited, but not sure if I manage to get it done before exam..T.T
(p/s: may need some time)

[Add oil in your exam too!!] p(>0<)q

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