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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Blessed Night

The blissful moment when your world was closing in and you were about to lose your head, a friend came by your side and lifted you up. That's why friendship has got beautiful quotes. :)

There are moments like this when you are frustrated yet things won't stop bothering. People come to talk to you when you feel like being undisturbed, small annoying trifles trigger your temper and your screw loosens.

You are well aware that the world does not put to a halt at your times of frustration simply because it doesn't give a damn. At the same time, you are well aware of the flame of your rage and you might have to push people out of the way to protect them from getting burn. You end up giving people, if well taken care of, a burn mark. Just then, an ocean wave, enormous yet gentle enough, puts off your flame and gives you fresh air to breathe.

......and there are moments like this when you are so inspired to type it out in your blog so that you can reminisce your blessings in the future BUT you have to stop because you realize you have a 1400-word assignment to be dealt with. *sulk*

I am blessed today, in fact, everyday.
We all are.
We just have to learn how to see it.

May your blessings come to your vision. :)

Sunday, July 28, 2013

How To Get High La La La (Jason Chen promo)

1. Find a place where you are totally alone.
2. Set up your best speaker.
3. Play the video below.


1. Put out a DO NOT DISTURB sign on your door/desk.
2. Put on your best soundproof headset, preferably Dr. Dre Beatsaudio headset.
3. Play the video below.

3:35 took my breath away, then rushed me up high like a strong gush of wind in 4:05 *intoxicated*

I just miss blogging, sharing whatever you think that may inspire/bring joy. Haha. Jason Chen is the one who makes me think ABC(American Born Chinese) who speak Chinese is sexy, probably because of the slightly weird slang and cute intonation. *wondering how Ryan looks like when he speaks Mandarin* Haha. Cuteeeeeeeeeeeeee. Search him up! JASON CHEN.

Another video to simply make you fall head over heels. :)

Music Never Sleeps. Peace. 
Lonely Snowman