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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Kuching Trip (11/11/12 - 16/11/12)

~Day 1~

Spent the night before at Felicia's uncle's and head to  KL Sentral for a ride to LCCT Airport.

A lil bit of chaos here and there in LCCT airport. I guess it's important to have friends around to help out, yet I's alone to struggle when on board because we're seated separately. The flight took off with Justin Bieber's Boyfriend and Maroon 5's Payhone as background music. This turned me on! I mean, my holiday mode on. Haha.

Recalling walking out into open air and carrying stuffs up the plane...damn, all these are exciting! It was just last year when I took a flight but I still felt thrilled. Felling uncomfortable sitting in not-really-felxible chair(the only thing I hate about plane), smiling and nodding to the uncle sitting beside me while typing this, I wonder how I'm going to endure almost 2 hours of flight sitting up soooo straight... and there began my Kuching trip. Be patient, Kuching. I'm coming!

Reached Kuching airport around 2pm. Went to The Spring Mall, had our first Kolok Mee
Kolok Mee is actually what we call Toto Mee in Penang/Perak/Kedah but the one served with orange noodles and char siew is unique. Mm-mm-good.

Vegetarian Kolok Mee. Just wanna try something different.

and Cats Statue(to have a cat fight),


strolled by Waterfront

met Han's parents and had durian. Highlight of the day? Absolute traditional Iban foods at Derek's. His mom was a wonderful cook! *thumbs up*

Michelle was there to join us, too!


~Day 2~

Everyone woke up earlier than as scheduled, probably too excited? Haha.

Cultural Village kinda drained my purse. It's RM25 for locals, RM15 for students and for those who were not local and did not bring student card, the entrance fee was RM60...and that's me. Ouch. Oh well, it's a once in a lifetime opportunity so.. why be a bummer?

For locals and students, you get different colours of entrance pass.
For orang luar(ME), you get a golden passport book. Ugh, 60 bucks.

There's this traditional staircase of the bumis. It's kinda addicting.
Caution should be taken while descending the stairs tho.

Ah, and there's this traditional bridge they built with bamboos. It's quite a walk but it's fun!

We were just in time for the cultural performances from different tribes.

Malay traditional dance - Zapin

Iban dance - Ngajat Lesung
 Bidayuh dance - Alu-alu

(forgot which tribe)

Orang Ulu pole shooting performance

(uhh...I'm thinking)

 Bought this mini sumpit for RM7.

This boy was a little too excited.
There's this handsome cute Penan guy performing Orang Ulu pole shooting. His sense of humor and (very)charming gesture captivated the audience.

Him playing sape.

Damai beach was next, just a 3-min walk. Hadn't played in the sea for almost two years. I'd totally forgotten how tiring it could be and how easily you could get yourself hurt. Got a KungFuPanda plaster that belongs to Darlene(Derek's 6-year-old sister) on my toe. Haha. 

featuring Felicia Ong, the humermaid.

The sunset was mesmerizing!
Imagine floating in the sea watching sunset at the perfect angle.
Damn, this is so relaxing!

Went back to Derek's with another Iban-style meal awaiting us. Yummy! I only remember some dishes : Umai made of raw prawns and onion, Ikan selai and a vegetable dish that made me felt home. ^_^

During dinner, Derek's mom shared some tribe history and family background stories with us. I must say Semenanjung(umm I only know Penang's) education should explain more on east Malaysian tribes and not simply touch and go. To me, it's interesting to understand other different races and there's so much more to explore in your own country before you explore others.

Here comes the ultimate climax of the day. It was served after dinner. Guess what?
Durian + all kinds of Tuak + Vodka + Whisky + Red Wine.

-pics yet to be uploaded-

I was told consuming durian and alcohol at the same time can actually kills.
Well, there are articles debating on this. Here's one of them :

Drunk? No.
Dizziness? No.
Headache? No.
Red cheeks? Yea, some of us.
Me? Hell. Remarkable experience!

Daddy was a bit furious when he heard about this because durian plus alcohol is known a deathmix myth. Although the arguments are moot(and we only consumed small amount of each) but well, the risk was there. We're Survivors! xD


~Day 3~

Basically, we're having free breakfast and dinner since we're living at Derek's. Had kuih-muih as breakfast and Sarawak laksa as lunch HALF AN HOUR AFTER breakfast =_=

Sarawak laksa is actually what we call Curry Mee in Penang, except it's less spicy because, according to Derek's mom, Sarawakians don't really like spicy food.

Sarawak is famous with Teh C too. It's teh susu, like a common folks drink at kopitiams.

We spent almost half day at Jong's Crocodile Farm because of the late feeding crocodile and 'dragon fish' show as well as heavy downpour. 

Bullied. :(
While waiting for the crocodile feeding show, we went to see other animals and we FED them, which was not allowed.

As you can see, each and everyone of us fed those few pigs with any greenery we found from the surrounding. Fingers crossed that the pigs won't die like other animals did. Did others die for the same reason? *shrug* God knows.

Went back to Derek's after that because Derek was tired. He's been a great tour guide and provided thoughtful hospitality. Sincere gratitude from us. :)

Around 9pm, Mr. Tour Guide opened our eyes to Kuching's so-called sin cities, like Haji Taha and Paragon and uhh...forgot. Initially Derek had a kidnap plan for me and Ken as birthday surprise but failed. The boys wanted to play Xbox at night but ended up playing Truth or Dare with us girls. Haha. To me, this game is more like a platform to dig secrets and 'ugly' confessions. 

The game was on until 3+ in the morning. You can see the half-awake faces of theirs.

(To all ladies out there who may have crush on Ken or Derek...
I'm sorry you have to find out the truth this way.)

(No, they're not drunk or sleepy. They were 200% conscious.)

Some beans spilled and marked the end of Day 3.

By the time I finish bathing and typing, it's 3.57am. 
*sang Vanilla Twilight* Good morning and goodnight ~ I go to bed at twilight~
(still  high)


~Day 4~

Woke up by 3 person : Derek, Darlene and Ken. *yawn*
Getting lazier each day and woke up around 11am.

Sarawak museum was our first stop. It turned out to be 3 different museums located next to each other, namely Rock Museum(RM1), Ethnology Museum(foc) and Aquarium(foc). So happy that I guessed all the mask correctly as each belongs to which tribe. Iban's masks were the commonly found Egwugwu-face-like masks. Bidayuh's were usually white whereas Orang Ulu's were unique and obvious, they had long earlobes and unique earrings.

Some western canon left during war


Rock Museum

We went to Waterfront again but this time we went across the river by boat to the Malay Village opposite. It costs only 40/50 cents to and fro. There was where we found Felicia's long lost twins and Nasi Tsunami. Nasi Tsunami looks common, it's fried rice with different dishes. None of us was hungry so we didn't give it a try.

I think I kena scam 50 cents by this uncle.

That night, we went to Fikri's but didn't go in for we were only there because Derek and Han wanted to meet him. The rest of us were either snoring or 'nightdreaming' in the car. Next stop was Tabuan food court. I don't know why everyone was kinda tired that night though we woke up late. Haha. Darlene wanted to sleep with us that night but we were home too late so she slept with her mom.


~Day 5~

I must say Day 5 was the most memorable one. It felt exactly like a homestay. (We put on aprons(metaphorically) and worked something out in the kitchen but that will be in the later part.)

Derek's parents brought us out whole day and it started with the best Sarawak laksa in Golden Arch Cafe. Then, we went to Annah Rais Bidayuh Longhouse. Aunty hired a guide to explain the culture and some history to us. Surprisingly, it was his parents' first time too! 

-Headhouse, where they keep the skulls of the super heros-

Han bought a supak, traditional Bidayuh weed inhaler, and smoked on the spot. According to him, smoking supak was stronger than smoking cigarette.

Hot Spring was quite a distance away from the longhouse. Derek's mom treated us the entrance fee and even brought shampoos and foam bath for us. How thoughtful of her! It was RM5/adult and RM3/kid. 

This troll guy brought the free bottle of Tuak he got from the longhouse inside and smoked.

There were three umm tubs? I don't know what to call it. So there's this one moderately hot(compared to the other two) tub which I couldn't bear putting my legs inside it for more than one second. When the rest lifted their legs from the water, their legs were like cooked prawns. Bright red. Really really red. Yet they let out a super relax and comfortable sigh. *oh my*

Another tub was located down stream and it was BOILING. The bubbles were popping and you could actually boil an egg inside. Instead of cooking our flesh and meat, we opted to stay in a tub next to it which served as a perfect mix of freezing stream water and hot spring water.

Later on, we went to this buffet-style steamboat restaurant (I don't know where) where they offered free grilling/frying service. It was RM26 per head and I would say we definitely eat as much as worth the price. Whole day without lunch and playing in water had starved us well. My achievement? 4 rounds. Mashita!

-No photos taken because we were too busy feeding our little tummy-

We wanted to express our gratitude but we had no idea as in what to buy because it felt weird to buy something local to a local. After long discussion, we've decided to prepare potato salad for everyone so we drove off to Boulevard Mall. Some embarrassing moments happened while buying ingredients for the potato salad.
Wanna know? 
Well, there were Han-Derek public butt f**k dare (idea from Fel and word originated from Ken so it's NOT me), standing on trolley going around with another person pushing and Ken-Fel kiddy chasing around the isle.
Derek and I were smart enough to walk away acting like we didn't know them. Lol.

Derek's relatives came and sat at the living room talking loudly while we're preparing potato salad for breakfast the next day in the kitchen which made us looked like another 4 maids. Oh well.

The end product!
It's pretty simple but well, we've put quite an effort and loads of gratitude and love in it :P

After a noisy messy preparation in the kitchen, we went to Darren's room.
(Shhh. His brother didn't allow any girls inside his room.)

First time actually laying my fingers on electrical guitar. Wow, it's heavier than acoustic guitar. I was excited and overwhelmed, my mind was blank I didnt know what to do with it. Neglecting Felicia and Darlene,(I'm so sorry!) I was intoxicated in bonding with the guitar. Finally! I learnt the opening of Sweet Child O' Mine, as well as the bass of James Bond background music.

We slacked around in Darren's room until 2am and slept with Darlene Aliya in my arms.

I used to yearn for a sister when I was little but I realized it's better not to have one as I grow. Responsibility and patience are tested every second. I don't really like kids but I adore their pure hearts. I don't like their immature behavior at times but I don't hate them.

Mommy used to say, "Whenever mischievous students make your blood boil, turn and look at the angelic faces of the obedient."
I hope it works before I blow off.
Somehow Darlene reminded me of how I intended to ruin my interview for IPG because I was half talked into this by my mom. I was kind of anti teaching profession. I told the interviewers that "I don't like kids". They raised their eyebrows and looked at me surprised. That's when I realized I had gone too far. Thank God the male interviewer helped me by saying "Do you mean you don't really know how to handle them instead of don't like them?". I nodded hard. After all, I feel blessed for getting this course. I trust Your plan.

Thus, the end of our last night in Kuching.


~Day 6~

Woke up around 10.15am and had our last morning with the Griaks. Derek's mom purposely came back during lunch time to see us off. How sweet. Darlene insisted in sending us off at the airport and we kissed goodbye. You are indeed an adorable little girl, Darlene, and bear in mind that I had never hated you. I'm just suck at handling kids.

Started the first minute sitting in the cabin with Far East Movement's Live My Life featuring Justin Bieber and then Boyfriend again. Same old playlist. I bet the pilot must be a Bieliber.

"Sayonara, Kuching. Thank you for fulfilling my little dreams and gave me a meaningful turning point. Ah, the plane is speeding on the lane now. Crap, I need to go to the ladies."

Lonely Snowman