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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Warmth From Afar

There were the rebellious times when you felt like leaving the house, have your own freedom and so-called sore high.
Now, at times, you feel homesick.

There were times when you felt like yelling back at them, telling them that you're old enough to take care on your own.
Now you realise, your wings aren't hard enough to sore and nagging is a kinda caring. At times, it's sweet.

There were times when you felt like sharing everything you encountered in school and you wouldn't stop talking. They quietly listened to every word you said.
Now, you can rarely have that chance.

There were times when you were studying so hard in your room, your door would bang open and someone brought you a cup of herbal tea to boost your spirit.
Now, even if you're sick, you have to boil on your own or went downstairs(hostel) for hot water to take medicine.

There were times when communicating can be so easy. Open the door or even yell "Mommy!"/"Daddy!" from the front yard and familiar faces will be in sight.
Now, you have pay to talk.


There will be times when you won't be calling at all, for months.

There will be times when you don't feel like telling them that you're sick because that will worry them.

There will be times when you feel like growing up faster to possess the ability to protect when their signs of ageing arise.

There will be times when you stare at their photos and tell yourself, "It's time to call home".

*waving goodbye* Mom and dad are so cute!
Yep, we're skyping and at the same time, on the phone because my stupid useless headset is spoiled. =(

-Love you-

Lonely Snowman