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Saturday, October 10, 2009

<3 Sports

We jogged! I jogged! My muscles ache!! They are groaning!! >.<”

Finally, I didn’t lie to my mum, about jogging. (lol)
I did jog. There are proofs!!
My aching muscles T.T

My stamina is not good, I always know that.
But I never thought my muscles will ache because we jogged and slacked and rested! T.T

I’m so useless.
How could I possibly join the Starwalk, teddy(lol)??
Unless you carry me. –o– *jk*

I was getting stomachache but it ended up with muscle tears. T.T
Don’t know what’s wrong with D that he has stomachache and diarrhea.

He suspected laksa, but his family and CY are alright.
He suspected roti canai, but I’m fine and hyperactive. LOL

(Why didn’t he suspect the insect on his head huh? Maybe its excretion dropped onto his plate…=.= ..yuck.) xD

[updated news : CY’s condition’s getting worse 0.0]

Hope the two of them get well soon!! >o<
(I’m even stronger than them. lol~)

Despite my muscle tears, my willpower grows.
I will train more. Gambateh!!

Targets this year :
1, regain my ability of 3-point shoot.
2, stamina!! >.<

It’s good that the bicycle incident has taken a turn for the better.
CY and D, thanks.
Please let me treat you next time k?

p/s: D, is that what you called command?? It’s more like bellowing leh~ xD *roflmao* Next time, be fair. Use your normal voice to shout the order. We shall compete. *wicked laugh*

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