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Saturday, October 10, 2009


Okay, internet is scary.
Too many distractions that I can't even post up my article!! (not this) >.<"

I've been typing it since two days ago!
Yes, it's a long post.

But still,
when I sign in all my accounts...
There it goes.

No more article for my blog.
(My nice memories T.T)
I will keep on doing other stuffs,
instead of concentrating on my article.

This is why adults often warn us not to misuse internet huh?(my version,lol)
Because there are traps that you wouldn't notice!!
Lots and lots of distractions that
make you unable to complete your task.
How evil !! >.<

Let me tell you the traps I've fallen into in internet. (=.=')

1st, MSN.
-you can't stop chit-chat with your friends especially when they talked about something that caught your attention. (Eg, Jay Chou <3) ^v^

2nd, Facebook.
-of course, for one so childish like me, I can't stop playing those mini games.

3rd, Blog.
-umm..I'm certainly not saying about updating my own blog. Or else, I won't be posting this. What I mean is visiting others' blogs. I can stay for at least 5 minutes in every updated blog because my reading speed, especially English, is "awesome"!! x)

4th, Games.
-I'm talking about online games. For example, Maple Story, Run, Steps, Rakion...etc.(cool!) I once was very fond of playing them EVERYDAY. But now, I lost my account ID plus connection problems. ToT
(p/s: pc games are traps too as they pull you away from completing your tasks, right?)
[I miss my Pokemon-Gold version and the cards. T.T]

There you go. Stupid nonsenses about internet crap. Lol.

Basketball tomorrow morning!!
Hooray!! (^o^)v

Oh, I just remembered~

No basketball. T.T

Jog instead.
But that's good, too! =)

Goodnight, Lychee!! *muacks*

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