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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It's just a little something

SH asked me something today.

"JF, you are the monitor of the class and also WT's president, won't you feel stress?"

"Ermm..okay la. Why, do I look stressed?"

"No, you look like you cope them very well. Hmm, I will learn from you."

Honestly, I disagree with the saying that I cope them well.
Good thing you didn't see it.

I'm still practicing on how to manage them well,
but not carrying the stress from WT to the class.

At counter, I will hold the shield.
Back to class, I'm just going to start my new day,
with smiles and laughter.

I've learned to separate the emotions.

Oh right, today is my first day of laughing,
showing my nice braces! xP

Anyway, it's a booster for me to hear it.
Thanks, SH.
You give me the courage to face it and
the motivation to be better.

I've learnt a new expression from her.
Instead of using Oh Shit!, she uses Oh Banana!

stupid. stupid exam!
stupid. stupid case!

*long piak* >w<

Monday, April 26, 2010

"Emoic" Dilemma

In a changing screen, review with your past,
I have no chance to witness the scene.

To worry about one thing, I will never get to see you live.

画 面 不 停 在 转 变, 回 顾 着 你 的 过 去, 我 没 机 会 目 击 现 场。 好 担 心 有 一
就 真 的 再 也 看 不 到 你 了。 退 出 乐 坛 也 好, 先 掌 什 么 事 也 好, 在 我 两 腿 一 伸 以 前, 我 只 希 望…… 能 见 你 一 面。 若 然, 它 应 该 会 在 心 海 留 下 一 片 遗 憾

Well, Choi!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010


16 days.

Great. Now my internet is slower than a snail and Facebook notification has gone nuts and not everyone get their photos for moral proj yet and exam's in 16 days AND I HAVEN'T TOUCH ANY SUBJECT. *long piak x 100000 times*


Guess my plan is a little too late.
This reminds me of Jojo's Too Little Too Late.

nice song. =D

Sometimes I wish I have Doraemon's bread.
Those who watched Doraemon will know.

Our dearest Doraemon has everything useful in life.
One of them is the bread. (I forgot the name)

How it helps :

1, Take a slice of bread.
2, Stick it to a page of any subject.
3, Eat it.
4, You remember every details in the whole page.

How good is it?!

Eeeeee, I want one!
Not one slice, but a loaf!!

Influenced by si panda, I wish
I can summon Pikachu and thunderbolt all the exam sheets!

Then the teachers will have to redo the papers and this shall give me some time.

How cool~ xD

(Information from JC Fan Club)

JC new song broadcast time :
# Superman Can't Fly #


★ 4/26(一)10:00AM,1:00PM, 4:00PM,7:00PM,11:00PM

★4/27(二) 3:00AM,7:00AM,11:00AM,3:00PM, 9:00PM

★ 4/28(三) 1:00AM,5:00AM,9:00AM,1:00PM, 5:00PM

Thursday, April 22, 2010



Braces. =3


Whenever I see you,

I lose the strength to smile.

I'm really tired.

The thought of giving up has crossed my mind.
Should I?

Please... just go away.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010



1 day left.

Guess I still can laugh x)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010



2 days more.

*Laugh while you can.*
Sounds so cruel. TvT

Monday, April 19, 2010



3 days to go.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

<给15岁的自己>刘若英 ----- 继续

知道吗我总是惦记 十五岁不快乐的你




那些伤 我终于为你 都一一抚平





天空 会不会雨停 会不会放晴


会不会是我忘记 还能勇敢地去淋雨

我们继续走下去 继续往前进

继续走 向期待中的未知旅行

感觉累了的时候 抱着我们的真心


这些年我还算可以 至少都对得起自己

谢谢你 是你的单纯 给了我指引

遇见过很多很多人 完成了一些些事情

你一定 还无法想象 多精彩过瘾


它才不管 我们想要怎样

很感激 你那么倔强


我们继续走下去 继续往前进


我们 想去的地方 一定也有人很想去

我们都不要放弃 都别说灰心


感觉累了的时候 请你把我的手握紧

没 有地图 人生只能凭

着手上的梦想 Oh~

循着它的光 曲折转弯找到有光的地方

Lalala Lalala

Lalala 那年的梦想

Lalala Lalala

Lalala 那年的梦想Lalala Lalala Lala

la 人要有梦想 勇敢的梦想 疯狂的

继续走下去 继续往前进


我们要去的那里 一定有最美丽的风景

Oh~ 都不要放弃 都别说灰心


痛到想哭的时候 就让泪水洗掉委屈

我们要相信自己 永远都相信

来到 这个世界不是没有意义

我们做过的事情 都会留在人心里


有一天我将会老去 希望你会觉得满意

我没有 对不起那个 十五岁的自己

In love with the lyrics at first sight
and fall in love with the song on a second listening.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

credit to Waygen Thor

While I was watching videos in Youtube
and slacking in Facebook,

I saw this and went...

32 WEEKS!!

Study NOW, guys!

(or is it I'm the only one who haven't start studying? ><)

Friday, April 16, 2010

I have two questions in mind :

1, Why are there 2 papa-bruises, 3 mama-bruises and 2 baby-bruises on my legs?

I played bb, but I didn't fall.
I danced, but I didn't hurt my legs.
I turned when I sleep, but I didn't hit the walls.

I assume I'm semi-conscious at night.
When I hit something, it hurts, I will know.

I still don't get why.

2, Why is my computer getting so lousy?

Her immune system is getting DOWN DOwn down..

Put aside the stoke she always have,
she's been eating yellow pigment from nowhere.

Or she's getting yellow-minded? 0.0

Look at this!

Ignore the two beauties in the middle, xD
her yellow face is what I'm concerned about.

It's like being a colour blind looking at her.
I don't know what colour is my font now,
and I can't tell the colour of the header.

Uh oh, is she showing signs of aging? o.o

I still don't get why.

Besides, I have 3 secrets in my mind :

1, ......

Duh, it was said a SECRET, why should I tell you?!

p/s: i realise the picture didn't show the yellow thingy

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A friend. A sweetheart.

When you're all tired and weak, a message that warms you up is like a booster of your energy.

WC here. U 2nite rmb no drink n no food ya abo 2mr i wan 2 check ur mouth n c whether gt smell or nt. if gt the food smell or water inside ur mouth i wan 2 complaint 2 teacher ya, u rmb 2 bring ur water 200ml urself abo nid 2 drink biio lab de water u don cry ar. i cnt do anything oso. rmb no food n no drink aftr 10.00p.m. rmb 2 bring along ur container 2 hold ur urine n a cup 2 drink ur water rmb liao bo. conclusion is bring ur cup, water n container. lastly, no food n no drink.

from :

Thinking of the past and chewing on memories..
She's always a sweetheart, I guess.



We're going to have a geli geli punya experiment tomorrow ----- Urine Test.

No food and drinks after 10pm.
My dinner was two breads at 6pm.
I'm hungry, thirsty and exhausted~

Fasting after 10pm is to clean our stomach and intestines,
so that you will not produce "polluted" urine. =x=

Eww! After a week, I still can't accept it.
Oh my god!
What stupid experiment is this??
It's not like we can know if we're healthy or not.


Tomorrow's audition.
Buck up, panda!

Remember the steps and have confidence in yourself,
you can do it!
You did it pretty well, that's a motivation.

We did it quite well, didn't we? =)
I really hope that we can get in.

No homework today.
Yes, good thing.

I can concentrate on my graduation magazine work now, comes first before work. ><>

It's a place where you rant.

It's a place where you share your happiness.

Blogging = hobby = good
(If you are not aiming for fame and money)

Boo. You are good!


Monday, April 12, 2010

Things were being thrown in non-stop since last week.

I'm so tired.

Ko, I need time. I'm scared.
Lonely Snowman