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Monday, January 2, 2012

So called Dooms-Year (feat. 弯弯)

2012 - a belief of thousands of people across the planet, preparing for the end of the world and death of mankind.

How does the world exactly end? *shrug*

I've learnt many different reasons.

From mythical Mayan philosophers' prediction of the completion of the B'ak'tun cycle as the signal that a new world order will be upon us, to scientifically dust particles that got repelled too hard by Jupiter which get on fire and finally drop on Earth that will cause a great disaster.

Having no time, no ways, no energy, no mood, I don't give a damn about when the Earth's gonna end and how. I'm gonna cherish every happy moments I have and live my life to the max. Yeah!

Countdown at David's with champagne and...mahjong! First time ever, no gambling, of course. Not the traditional kind of mahjong, it's called ummm whatever but it's fun! :D

#sadfacts : If 21st December 2012 is true, it means no 19th birthday for me T__T

p/s : Happy 19th, AhMa! :D
Lonely Snowman