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Friday, December 30, 2011

18th Birthday

Speaking of celebrating birthday,
cake with candles comes to mind first,
and then presents.

Getting bored of celebrating the traditional way,
cupcakes, car getting 'make-up', pushed/threw into swimming pools, whip cream war, water pipes war, video clips et cetera have become the modern ways of celebrating.

I'm lucky to have experienced all those mentioned except I don't have a car, yet.

We have Sweet 16th and Independent 21st.
Now I'm adding one more to the list - Special 18th.

My 18th birthday is definitely a very special one.
It was a day full with lots of awesomeness and sensation.

Someone came to my house with a MP3 and souvenir from China;

Some group of people gave me a beautiful necklace and a surprise birthday party;

Someone gave me a winter blouse and a nude pink skirt;

Someone made a birthday video clip for me and my friends,

and a birthday video clip specially for me;

Someone tried to call 15 mins earlier, hanging on the phone just to be the first to wish me;

Someone sent a Pikachu from Malacca via post express;

Someone failed to send me a birthday card from Pahang because of a wrong address;

Some group of people surprised me with cute cupcakes in Bistro;

Some group of beloved surprised me with a birthday cake, drawing the end of my special day;

Some people sent me a second birthday card filled with touching words.

How awesome can that be?

I'm not bragging about the wonderful stuffs all those people did for me, I'm just reminding myself that I have these awesome people around me that I shan't be broken-hearted over those who don't really give a damn about me. People who really care about you are those who remember your special days, not only theirs.

Friends, families, relatives..
They mean a lot more than you think.
They touch your heart more than you can imagine.
Some of them appreciate you too as you do.

Two more days to 2012 after celebrating my 18th birthday before I theoretically turned 19. Ha!

Quote of the day :
Any day is not special until someone makes it one. =)

p/s:Photos are taken from internet(to my surprise, they look 80% - 100% alike to my actual ones) because my phone was stolen by some stupid brainless selfish immoral kiam pa rascal and there goes my photos. Screw you!
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