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Sunday, September 8, 2013

19 Things I Want Myself To Know At 19 (Inspired by Mary Schmidt)

p/s : it's 111 days

I'm a December baby, born in 1993 but since my birthday is not over yet I am still officially 19 years old. I'm a typical Degree student living in hostel, miles away from home sweet home, repeating the same old routine of assignment, social networking and uhh snoring? I can't say it's lifeless living in the hostel but it can be pretty weary at times. I personally think it all depends on how you live your life. As for mine, I'm pretty satisfied with the courses I signed up and events I get involve in that constitutes my quite-hectic hostel life.

I know people who go out everyday, be it doing working part time or hanging out with friends. I know people who stay in room 23 hours a day during weekends(the one hour would be the time they wash dishes, bathe and go to loo). I know people who seem to have loads of business to do online facing the laptop 24/7. I also know people who almost never turn on their lappy, put aside the case of typing out assignment, talk on phone for hours and go to gym everyday. Some of them have a hell hectic of life while some have peaceful monotonous life. Not necessarily all of them enjoy their daily routine but they chose to live like this.

So, I've digressed away from the topic. This post is about an article I stumble upon while Facebook-ing and it very well gives me a hit on certain aspects. Honestly, my hostel life is an isolation from current issues and happenings because I don't read newspaper, even online. 99% per cent of my information comes from sharing in Facebook and peers conversation. It's unhealthy, I know. Very very unhealthy. Thus, #2 is like a big tight slap on my left cheek. I promise I will work on that. >< 

Read it! >>>  Schmidt Talk : 25 Things I Want Myself To Know at 25 <<<

To take the gist of it, I'm turning the pre-presentation of consequences into my stimuli to/not to do things. These... are the 19 things I would like the 19-year-old me to know :)
#1 #2 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #11 #12 #13 #14 #15 #16 #18 #19 # 22 #23 #24 #25

As mentioned in #22, blogs are great for reading. You get to view other people's lives and see how others view life from a diverse perspective of yours. As for Mary Schmidt, I just came to know her blog for like half an hour ago and I'm falling in love with her mature, perky thinking already. Go through some of her articles and all of them are about issues closely related to us : relationships, parents, career, time, friendship, nature et cetera which I think is captivating because readers can easily relate themselves to the articles and the way she puts it is simply beautiful.

Speaking of turning 20, being in the age range that starts with the digit 2 does not mean you have to start losing the childish you, being all mature and adult-like. It simply means you have lived two decades and seen things. They ought to be lessons that give you less disappointment in your future walks of life. 

Be you, because you're good at it. ;)
Lonely Snowman