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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

At the edge of the rainbow...hopefully.

The vibration from my S3 quivers the table.

I took a couldn't-care-less glance at the notification, thinking of not replying if it's not my mom. I'd yet to reach my target tonight, I had to concentrate. Then I saw it, a long vanished name.

No long whiny essay, but a sweet and short paragraph that paused my heart for a second.

It's been so long overdue. We both know this is dragged way too long, until a point when we decided not to give a damn about each other anymore... until I decided you've given up this friendship and I moved on. *smirk*  It was this significant word 'damn' that started it all. Not the rejection.

Seems like all this while, we were both bothered by the same emotion. Guilt.
Said it's the worst feeling one could have living. Honestly, I was surprised to see you having the same struggle because I thought I was at fault after all.

We had long passed that hurt, but we allowed arrogance to take charge. Neither of us has the courage to initiate the first step. I guess maybe we were still hurt.

Three years. It's been three long years ever since that incident. Surprisingly the images are still clear in my head, as if I can just hit the 'replay' button anytime and feel every moment again.

Tears. Wow. It actually moved me that much. Of joy? Of relief? None of it makes sense. It's a good vibe for sure, but the feelings are just not that intense. I did stop caring about you, remember?

I once mentioned in one of my posts that that would be my last emo post ever about you. Hmph. Might as well make this the first post to start off our unpredictable and unknown new beginning.


Lonely Snowman