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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Dark side

-wounded, heartlessly, unknown.-

When will i,
realise the ugliness of truth.
When will i,
confront the cruelty of truth.

When will i,
gain the ability to face reality.
When will i,
gain the courage to face reality.

Fairy tales are true,
aren't they?
Guardian angels exist,
don't they?

Yes, they are true.
Yes, they exist.
As long as you believe in them.
You can even create one,
a real one.

These were my beliefs.

For now,
I'm not sure if i have faith
in those unprovable statements.

Smiles are fake.
Emotions are fake.

Happiness is fake.
Everything is fake.

Contemporary moments are mor-faking.

Life is cruel.
i always know that
and i keep on repeating myself
so that i wouldn't forget.

But still,
i failed to comfort myself.

I am still...useless.

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