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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Complaints Are Actually A Good Thing!

Those working in service department are most likely to receive complaints more than any other jobs. By the same token, colleagues and students as head prefect or leader who are put in charge of certain events or project might as well face complaints because nothing you do can always reach everyone's mandate or request.

I randomly found this article, written by Diane Hughes, which might point you up to look beyond the rage and look into hidden benefits.

Nobody likes to get complaints. They make you question your judgment, they can ruin your day, and they almost always leave you in a bad mood. But what if I told you that complaints are actually a good thing?

Really! Im not kidding. Complaints are one of the best forms of research you can perform. Complaints are also one of the best sources for new product/service ideas. How so? Most people who complain are upset. When people get upset, they are more likely to speak their minds. Most people who complain also like to tell you exactly what youve done wrong AND tell you how they would do it better. While your customers attitudes may not be something to look forward to, their hidden suggestions are!

Lets look at this complaint:

I cant believe you are sending these huge files through email! How ridiculous can a person be!? That clogs up the emails of those of us who are on dial-up for at least 20 minutes. I dont have time for this. You know, if you had a brain in your head, youd know about They burn CDs for about $0.30 each and will ship them to your customers for about $1.00 each. Anybody can afford that price. Ive deleted your email. When you decide to operate like a real business and send me a CD, Ill look at it.

Yes … its a harsh email. But most people who complain dont have very good manners, now do they? But take away the emotion. Take away the temper. Take away the insults, and what do you have left? A VERY good resource for CDs!

This person has just given you a resource that can:

  • (a) solve your problem with huge downloads
  • (b) be a new product to sell (CDs instead of downloadable files)
  • (c) offer you a solution that can benefit you and your customers

All for free!

How about the complaints that say, You know, you really ought to… Well? Maybe you really ought to. Have you thought about the customers suggestion? Yes, it was probably hidden beneath a pile of profane words and threats… but look deeper. In all honesty, is this unruly customer doing you a favor?

It happens more often than you might think. People, in general, have a bad habit of trying to show those they are upset with how big and bad they are. More times than not, youll get great ideas buried inside a wrapper of rudeness.

The next time you get a complaint, unwrap the package, and you just might find that the complaint is a blessing in disguise. If you remove the ugliness from the message, you could very well have some terrific ideas for improving or expanding your business!

Copyright 2004 Diane Hughes

p/s: Happy birthday BennyTock! =)

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