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Monday, October 12, 2009


FINALLY!! I’ve finish this article.

Okay, it’s not long. T.T
But I’ve told you that there many distractions in internet, right?
So I’m not to be blamed! xP

Anyway, have fun reading~


::7th October 2009::
A day for every PCGHS Form 4 students to "Hooray!!" on.

Due to lacking of classes,
afternoon section students take turns to be stopped two day's lessons. (Hooray!!)

As a good student and also a competent committee,
I went to school as usual, in Traffic T-shirt and shorts though.

After duty, PY, JN and I were going out to Gurney when we, unlucky, bumped into P.L =o=

The she-devil then lectured us for not putting on school uniforms.
Sohai.(learn it from someone)

We're wearing Traffic T-shirts, not casual wears!

Then she said : No! If you're to come to school, you must wear your pinafore!! Or else you have to write a letter and have your teacher-in-charge's signature on it, then I'll approve.

[Stupid la, we're helping you to keep the order lo. Plus, we're not wearing improper clothes. Fine! No committee in charge later when school dismissed. (= o=!)] Boo sama dia~~

She-devil : Where the three of you heading to?!
JF : Home la.
She-devil : Next time ar~ Remember that you must wear pinafore on schooling days ya?!...bla-bla-bla..bla-bla-bla..
(The Three nodded their heads and quickly walked off..)

Sohai... -o-

Of course, we didn't go home. xP

One Stop!!
It is "one stop" = "want stop",
so we stopped and changed our shirts. (lol)
[Juan lost her glasses in the toilet!! x( Probably taken by heartless passer-by. Hope she didn't get scolded by her mum >.<]

{updated news : her mum didn’t care about the lost glasses. LOL}

Juan and I went to Sushi King while PY and JN went to watch Where Got GHOST?.
The said it's scary..0.o

-Sushi Hour- (Juan, can you spot the difference?) xP

-soy beans!!- (I look greedy –o–)

Kiss-Chain!! Lol~

After Sushi King, we went to try out some clothes(Oh, I love the TOPSHOP's there's-a-chip-on-my-shoulder shirt, but it doesn’t look good on me. T.T I know, I’m not mature enough -.-) and met RM(lol) and Iris.

-Fitting Room- (only Juan and yam yam Wen Chien know why I looked so sad –o–||| )

Juan said something before taking pictures that HURT me badly!! ToT

( should know why I cut out other parts. xD)

Juan saw her favourite Juicy Couture watch.
The expression on her face was completely the same as when I saw Jay-Chou-related stuffs!! o.0

It's the expression you will show if you see someone/something you LOVE SOOOO MUCH right in front of you. x)

Then I went to Kim Gary to meet up PY and JN.

Jit Nee...
Yerr, your blended drink...yuck. >o< (I know you agreed with me.) Too bad, I forgot to bring my phone. Or else I can capture your sh**-look-blended choc. LOL

[I don't want to say it out and I’m not the one who started this ya?]

I know many people will hate me for saying this but
you're really...handsome +yeng+cool!!
(p/s: only the side view from far) xD
and please STOP pushing/hitting my head okay??!! >W<

S & J!! [everytime I pass by, I will think of someone]
My cute little bookmark!!

Argh~ I love you!! You're so cute, and warm looking. :)
[PY, good choice on the blue i-call-it-snowballs. Excellent! xP]

Then we walked back to school.

I refused to duty, for two reasons :

1, I don’t want to see that stupid face of P.L
2, My traffic T-shirt stinks -.-

Sitting alone at GoodAll Café, when Li Wah and Yien Wei came to sit with me.
Oh and a Form 1 student from Heng Ee.
Thanks, guys.

At that moment, GoodAll Café is like Traffic Juniors’ Terrority. (lol)
Many Form 1 Traffic members were there, having their dinner.


Li Wah said a guy stalked me.
He stared at my back for a long time.
Sounds like a...pervert. =.="

She didn’t want to tell me who is it,
keep whispering with Yien Wei in front of me.. =o=
[Boo the two of you~]

Then, set off to LCH tuition!!
I walked faster and faster as it’s really dark. =.=

You have got to know that my eating speed is super fast. =P

Whoo~~ What a fun day.

Suddenly, I miss Jit Nee! >x<

Lai lai~ Gathering of three E1A students, in Sushi King. x) lol

The memory is past. The past is the memory.

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