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Thursday, January 28, 2010


FIrst of all, sorry for the late update. I shouldn't let the previous article be the first for so long. Therefore, I'm going to post up a page of diary of me today. By the way, be strong tomorrow, guys!

I slept for 4 hours on the previous night and 2 hours and 44 minutes on the night before. I'm so exhausted. =.=zzZZZ

When I got into the bus, I straight went "fishing". I opened up my eyes as it was time to switch buses. I was feeling so dizzy that I couldn't walk straight. Luckily I didn't fall down. Ermm, almost. *phew*

In PCY 288, I walked walked walked... and suddenly, knocked a girl. The "steams" in my brain vanished suddenly. I looked up and said, "Sorry sorry.." (sia sui) -.-

Bio lab - I couldn't stand my heavy eye lids so I dropped my head onto the table. I got my eyes rest for about ONE MINUTE ONLY then I heard the teacher said, "Okay...We will wait for the monitor to wake up before we continue our lesson." 35 pairs of eyes locked on me. =.= *yawn*

Chemistry lab - My eyes kept on closing and situpid teacher 针对 me..."Monitor, explain this experiment..." Xin Yi asked me something, and there she goes,"Monitor, please pay attention." I defended, "We were discussing!" She said, "No..Don't discuss first. You listen to me first," =o= *clutch fingers* Then she took me as example of catalyst that I will be broke down into four parts after altering "my friend's" reaction. She laughed at me and I ignored her. Hng.

I missed bus today.
Reason? It's obvious.
The steam. =.=

Stay-back activities :
Eat-item-drink-item-drink-rumah-slept at counter-wandered and enjoyed the air-con in the staff room-item-talked to A Wah-chit-chat-snored in bus.

I was woke by the honk or the girl beside poked me. I'm not sure, but I'm pretty sure that Ang Tiong has waited so long for me to get down from the bus. (Weird, how did he know that I stayed back o.0?) At least he's good, he waited for me.

Uncle said he will drop me somewhere else if this happens again. =.=|||

Reached home, mummy told me to have my dinner, which was prepared readily on the kitchen top. I looked around and took a plate of fruits...then slept on the sofa. -.-"

Great. Skipped tuition today. [Lerk Chieh must have missed me xP]

p/s: I drooled when I slept on my table during Civic lesson yesterday. Nobody noticed that. xD

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Many articles were posted. Blessings and prayers were seen in Facebook.
Newspaper articles. Blog articles. Messages. Photos.

You will not believe until you saw their photos appear in the newspapers or newsletters.

You will not believe until you finally don't have the strength to find him alive anymore.

I've never come across these guys. I've heard some of them only.

Surprisingly, I find myself so weak when I started to believe the news.
My heart skipped a beat when I saw the photos. I was paralysed.

Maybe it's like what Chee Yi said :

We flip through newspapers daily, and paused at big accidents. We look at the photos and shrug, well, none of our business, because it’s so far away from us, but when it happens close to us, we feel the impact, the sorrow of those related.

Yes, I feel the impact. I feel it especially when I called Crystal.

Listening to her sobbing and trying hard to calm down but breaks down again not even after a second, I felt so useless. I can't do anything for her. No one can. The only thing I can do is to pray for her and silently accompany her.

Frankly, I still don't get why the hell on earth for me to be so sad about it.
Well honestly, Crystal and I were from different classes for so many years. Periods of separation has eventually desalinated our friendship.

I don't get why, I wanted so much to do something to comfort her, even the least.
I'm not the one she needed, but still, I feel like being by her side in case she needs me, although I know she never will.

I guess I still possess that compassion somewhere deep in my heart.
I truthfully sorrow over those guys' passing.

Most sympathy for the deceased's families, of course.
As the Chinese saying, The White Hair see off the Black Hair(Sorry for the lousy translation), Jason's and Mr Chin's parents will be most grieved.

Now, there's still hope for Yan Kai.
Let's get our hands together and pray, and hope for the best that he returns, alive.

Everyday, there's a corner on this earth where people are crying and grieving, but we never know that. Until today, it reaches our life circle and we feel it. Deep and real.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

First two weeks in school..

Darn. Only the first week and I'm getting sick?!


I believe she's the one who "purposely" spread the virus to me so that she can recover soon. =.= Lol.

I was not sick on the first day, but the third. Therefore, I took this for a week.

Alicia sits beside me and she was coughing badly. I'm not sure if she recovers by now, but I'm pretty sure that I'VE BEEN COUGHING FOR MORE THAN ONE WEEK AND NOT RECOVERING EVEN A TINY BIT! Sigh.

I finished FOUR bottles of Eastern & Western medicine for cough and yet useless. And now I'm having my FIFTH! ToT!!
These days I've been eating only porridge, Koay Tiaw Teng and medicines.

Medicine for my ulcer.

The synus syrup is nice, though.


I want to eat French Fries, Burgers, something OILY after I recover!!!

(Please note that major delicious, finger-licking food are oily)

Let's look at the retrospect below.

*6th Jan* - Started to cough.

*7th Jan* - I saw steam!! Flu, sore throat and ulcer came in. Hell.

*8th Jan* - BM teacher told me to order "Bravo! Komsas" for the class.

*9th Jan* - I ordered "Bravo! English 1119" =.=|||
(Why? Actually I don't get why, maybe it's because the teacher spook to me in English
and the BIG word is "Bravo!")

*10th Jan* - BM teacher : "Mana buku Bravo yang saya suruh kamu beli itu?" O0O||
(Luckily I was not in class, Everyone turned to look at Ah Ma, sitting beside, instead of me. xP)

*11th Jan* - Argument between me, BI teacher and bookshop aunty. =.= Of course, teacher stand by me. TvT *touched* The situation ended up the whole class need to pay RM5 each(after discount) for the stupid "Bravo! English 1119" T,T

*12th Jan*- Suffered. Absent to school and tuition.

*13th Jan*
- Ulcer cured. Yay, basketball rocks!!

*14th Jan* - Applied an hour slip to sleep in b.kebajikan then went back home during recces time. After 3 minutes sitting on that uncomfortable chair in that humid b.kebajikan, I ran to play piano in the hall, which is against the school rules, Wee~!!^^ PCGHS HALL'S PIANO IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

*15th Jan* - I saw steam, stars and seesaw cutting a wood...=v=

My illness + dizziness + daydreaming has made me pay. No, not me alone but the WHOLE CLASS. Damn, stupid virus. Sorry, class!! >.<"

Please pray so that I can recover soon and don't steam anymore. T.T

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Birthday reminiscence..

29-12-09 Shih Chung Alumni Gathering & Jun Fang's birthday!!

This article is posted to leave a mark in my "diary" that will reminds me, I have had a special birthday in my life.

Since I was little, I enjoy parties but I won't held one. Every year on my birthday, I'd be in Singapore.

Last year I didn't go to Singapore so I suggested to organize a gathering on my birthday.
It was not because of I wanted presents and wishes on that day, it was because I want to feel what it's like to be with friends on my birthday.

I love my parents.
I never spend time outside with friends on big days.
Once again, you prove to me that there are still people who cares about you.
Even if it is only ONE person who really cares about you, that's enough.

That night, I received wishes, gifts and cream pie!!

For pictures, please log on to

Thanks to those who attended the gathering :
1, Eric Tan
2, David Yong
3, Jian Soong
4, Jin Yee
5, Xin Ee
6, Jason Lee
7, Pei Liang
8, Thompson Loh
9, Marcus
10, Lee May
11, Yi Qi
12, Ying Ying
13, Jing Yan
14, Ke Li
15, Jordan
16, Gavin
17, Xin Ning

Presents :
1, from Mummy and Daddy!! <3

He's just sooooo CUTE!!

2, from Chee Yi

it's from TAIWAN!! TAIWAN!!! ARGH~~

3, Cheng Choong

4, Jin Yee

Sorry, forgot to capture what's inside. It's a cute pig phone holder.

5, Lee May

Ginger Bread Man in the house!

SMS-es :
1, Sau yit
2, Florence
3, Jhing Huey
4, Li Wah
5, Yien Wei
6, Maria!
7, Pei Liang
8, Lee May
9, Darl!
10, Jin Yee
11, Chee Yi
12, Li Mei sis
13, Benny Tok
(Sorry if your name is not here,I accidentally deleted some of them. Thanks, all.)

[p/s: Darl, I love you and soooo sorry that I was not at home that time. ='( ]

Lastly, I would like to express my thanks to everybody who attended the gathering and made it a success! 2009 was really a special year for my whole family!

Hopefully 2010 is also a year of blessings!

:Bless you:

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Late Xmas post

This post is dedicated to Hung Family.

We always have a great time every year in Hung Family Xmas Party!
As usual, I's the game master.

Games, jokes, funny TV programs, online...and of course, FOODS!!!
It's the most important thing in this event! xD

Look at them. They made me drool~

Featuring pizza and Big Apple Donuts!!

The adults will never miss out they-call-healthy food.=v=

See? My 2nd aunt loves it, too!

Game master on the move!

After the game, everyone was exhausted and our lips berasa semut semut due to continuous laughing.We rested for a while and took some silly photos. Too bad most of them are in my dad's camera.

Here comes the main idea of this party being carried out.
Most Hung Familly members were born in December, so we will celebrate Christmas and Birthday at once.

*~Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday!!~*

~Lucky Draw hour~

Yo, I got the first prize!! It's a stylish alarm clock + radio. I love it!

Wonder what are they doing?

My cousin and I were excited seeing the Makisa fruit for the first time in our life!

It's cute and nice, but when it is cut...


Friday, January 1, 2010

Cameron Trip with family...

Once in 2009...(=.=) we went to KL to fetch bro back. When we got into the car to make a move, mum gave me a surprise-----Jay仔!! I named him Jay仔/A Jay. You know why. <3 Therefore along the journey, I was not with the new Hung Family member!

Jay仔 : Hi!

I was trying to look like him. Focus on our eyes x)

When we reach our hotel...
Woei, not your pillow..

Don't think I won't kick you off the bed just because you are new here. Hng.

He went to find his "room mate" to mengadu-domba. Tsk.

Cameron view as the background.

Mummy stole Jay仔. See? He's not so happy with mum. xD

While we were busy taking photos, bro was...
Look for my bro in the mirror. You can find this expression on every boy's face when they're watching football.

I just love the way A Jay and I in the photo.

We set off to Cactus Point. In the car park...
Bro cut his finger and mum's putting windy oil which is really pain on the wound.

And so thats my bro's look : geli + scared + pek chek + funny.
(Nice pic, JF. This is what I call 经典) xD

-Cactus Point-

Mum and bro are so dirty minded. =o=

Actually I think this is nice.

Rabbit cactus!

Stone Lily/Cactus or something, I forgot the name. I like this!

Mummy bought this.

The grass around them are actually uninvited guest, but they look nice around them right?
I like the grass! Sharp, pointy grass.

No edit. Nothing.


Too bad it blurs out.

When it dies, it looks like a dragon. Cool~

Don't you think they look like little flower angels dancing? How cute~

Well grown Christmas plants!!

-Big Red Strawberry Farm-
Strawberry steps!

Back to Equatorial Hotel.
We can't play play station because it is too expensive!!

so we played pool! My first time and also the last in 2009 ToT
The "pros"

The real PRO!
and this one too x)
Daddy's also a real PRO but he's the cameraman >.< Then we went back to our room and celebrated bro's birthday! Bro's birthday cheesecake from Cafe Shop in Equatorial Hotel. RM16!! >v<

If you're looking at the roof tops then you miss the main point. Look out for the big moth.

Look like little corns, don't they?

I LOVE this flower!! This photo makes me proud of my phone camera, too.

The smokehouse.

Okay, I'm really lazy to post. School's reopening and makes me so frustrated over things not done for coming plannings, so that's it.

I went to Cameron for two times this month. Another trip was with friends. Kindly visit the following link to check out what funny things we did.
Lonely Snowman