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Friday, December 11, 2009

Nana nanana nanana nanana-----

When's my last post ya?
Oh! It's about a month ago.
I got two different perspectives for that.


One scolded me lazy girl -o-
but I don't care because I saw someone's article :

I'm lazy to post, but this is my blog.
What you can do, huh?

Don't you find it familiar?
What can you say now, huh?



Another supports my laziness.
She said,

No~ You must not update too often. Like me, let the blog rusts. Good~

(although she's updating her blog when she said that to me -.-)


So..I prefer listening to A Jay,

Don't have to update la~~

{0kie dokie, A Jay. I love you. ^x^}

Saturday, November 21, 2009


First of all..


Sigh. Read the tiny little title upright, and you know my article on Final Exam is delayed again.

Why? It is because my holidays is full of


Of course, I won't miss out



Colourful holidays---Wee~

Almost-fully planned holidays---Cool!

Shorter holidays but busier schedule---Weird.

Busy holidays but happier moments---Yay!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Final Exam

This should be a super long post as I have prepared a list of items to be put into this article. Before starting, BOO SAMA FINAL EXAM!!



A few weeks before,
I wanted a study group.
But the number of
"participants" grew,
and so ended up
A LITTLE BIT of study

A LOT of chatting + playing.

It applies to
me only, of course.
Because I'm easily distracted. Boo~

Ke Li invited me to a library near Sunshine.

I have lived here for

and I never noticed there's such a nice place to study here!!

PLUS, it's near
Mcd !!!
I'm lovin' it (^o^)

-First day there, one week before exam-

We studied
Unlike the study groups before,
we are really studying!

I'm not saying not good,
just it doesn't suit me.

Hey..what's that spoon doing here?

A method that Xi Le taught. Nice.

That place
is real peaceful~

Err..not really peaceful but at least,
there's good atmosphere to study.

-Second day there, two days before exam-

Super Boring Sejarah.

Therefore, they bought chocs while
I bought Mcd for Ke Li and I.

Excellent study table for effective study.

Ke Li tried out her pen ink on Mcd bill =.=

After Mcd. M&M.

I gOt bored and started to take picture of my beloved bookmark.

Ke Li saw it and joined me. Lol.

She rearranged it and added her pin.
Forgot to tell her it is a boy =.=''

We played too much and time's running out.
So we each studied different chapters and taught others.

Ke Li, the tutor of Sejarah chapter 9.

Ke Li, you should try out Double Cheese Burger.
Beef is tasty and delicious!
Trust me, I had fear too for the first time.

-School Concert-

Went to school that morning to duty and receive a "present".
Those who get 8As for PMR will be getting this :

A gold medal with your name on it.
Quite an honour.

Then, while waiting for Juan.
I took photo with Chun Han--a very
sweat + funny Form 5.

Stim-ing =.= ; Chun Han

There were arts and crafts exhibiting in the foyer.
Took some of them which are really attractive.

This is really really cool!!
Love this the most~

Astonishing sunset, although it's bloody red.

I like the angel above!

Penguins in the house. Cute!!

Everyone gathers during winter~ ^o^

Then I went to Juan's house. Her new house is REAL BIG.
Her dog is soooo fierce. T.T
I's scared lah.

In her room..

I love her rack!!

not feeling well that day.

[I was forced to remove this photo by Tan Juan >.<]

She didn't even have the strength to stand straight.
Kesian ~
>x< Weren't me hardworking? x)
-Chemistry chapter 6-

But then...I spotted something.
Hmm, and I couldn't study anymore.

Yes, I am easily distracted. =.=

Sweet 16!!

Oh, she has a collection of 6~

After that, my concentration totally lost.
I started to play with Kimmy's
fiance -- Ashley!!


Pig o' Bat with two stiff legs? *Ashley : wicked laugh*

Then I tucked Ashley to bed.

Oh, Ashley~ That's not your bed!

Take a good nap, Ashley.
[Juan, see how good I treat your Ashley x)]
[oh, plus, wonder when I took these?..when you were bathing. Lol.]

Ashley's asleep. I was bored.
Therefore, I went to meet Mr. Seal!!

He came from San Francisco :)

Mr. Seal greeted me.

kiss o kiss

Then we went back to school.
More photos on the crafts.

I took this just because of...

...the classical piano!!

This looks sooo real, right?

Yay, Xuan and I love the same sushi!

We had our dinner there.

Juan is so greedy. She wanted them all~

We curi-curi went upstairs and watched the concert.
I'm so lazy to upload the videos.
Maybe next time, maybe not.

Uh oh. Left three pictures more to post up.
But the maximum amount of photos that can be uploaded in one article has reached. =.=

Never mind. Nothing interesting anyway.

Current time : 3.45am

Uh Oh... ...

Friday, November 13, 2009 exam is OVER!!! Everyone..CHEERS!!

I didn't know exam would be so tiring.
Usually I don't put much effort in it,
and I don't really bother about the results.

[I will only worry on how to face my mum..=o=]

BUT maybe what makes me different is

Before posting old articles...I would like to say :
to Jit Nee!!

She looks so stim everyday..
When I greeted her, she's like just half awake. =o=

Anyway, nah~

We are the young ones!
For our birthday is later than many else.
Youth is our wealth!
Hooray for us!! (lol)

Mine is just a few weeks later.
Then I'll be OFFICIALLY sweet sixteen!!
*wicked laugh*

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Dark side

-wounded, heartlessly, unknown.-

When will i,
realise the ugliness of truth.
When will i,
confront the cruelty of truth.

When will i,
gain the ability to face reality.
When will i,
gain the courage to face reality.

Fairy tales are true,
aren't they?
Guardian angels exist,
don't they?

Yes, they are true.
Yes, they exist.
As long as you believe in them.
You can even create one,
a real one.

These were my beliefs.

For now,
I'm not sure if i have faith
in those unprovable statements.

Smiles are fake.
Emotions are fake.

Happiness is fake.
Everything is fake.

Contemporary moments are mor-faking.

Life is cruel.
i always know that
and i keep on repeating myself
so that i wouldn't forget.

But still,
i failed to comfort myself.

I am still...useless.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

To : Eujin Choi

If your name is Eujin C,
please proceed.

I'm so so so sorry!!

I know I'm very sui.

I said I will add you in facebook but I didn't.
I said I will post up something for you but I didn't.

I didn't mean to bluff you..sorry!! >.<

I lost my cable.
I can't slot in my memory card.
I can't transfer my surprise for you here.
[p/s: I think I've lost the surprise..o.0]

This week has been a very busy and tough week.
More work to do than I had imagined.
More applications waiting than I had planned.


I promise you,
that I will post up the article, dedicated to you,
as I slowly build up another surprise for you, k? =)

So...visit my blog everyday and you'll find out, one day. xD

Wee~ So excited, but not sure if I manage to get it done before exam..T.T
(p/s: may need some time)

[Add oil in your exam too!!] p(>0<)q

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Just feeling like sharing these photos,
recollect the fun moments we had there.

We went to Butterworth in the beginning of this year,
to attend a course at a special SHELL patrol station.

There’re a lot of puzzles and games.

We had to line up and vie with little kids to play. =o=
We’re kids, too! We’re childish! *lol*

Oh, we won’t miss taking pictures!

(Sigh. I have only two of them.)

As members of Traffic Warden, we demonstrated the correct way to cross a road.
Our motto this year : Road Safety is Our Priority!!

[MingHooi, TanJuan, JunFang]

It’s safe. Cross the road!
(Shhh!! Ignore the red light! O.0)

[Juan said she hates the little “pole dancer” on her right and there’s a rider banging his head into my butt -.-]

I want the photo that the three of us wearing a-kid’s-view-eyepatch.

Looks so funny!!

Sigh. Time is heartless.
You can only look back upon the past.

But who cares? I’m in my sweet sixteen!!
Wide roads and wonderful life ahead of me, waiting to be explored.

Create glorious presents.
Create a wonderful memoir for the future, of the past.
Live without regrets.

Monday, October 12, 2009


FINALLY!! I’ve finish this article.

Okay, it’s not long. T.T
But I’ve told you that there many distractions in internet, right?
So I’m not to be blamed! xP

Anyway, have fun reading~


::7th October 2009::
A day for every PCGHS Form 4 students to "Hooray!!" on.

Due to lacking of classes,
afternoon section students take turns to be stopped two day's lessons. (Hooray!!)

As a good student and also a competent committee,
I went to school as usual, in Traffic T-shirt and shorts though.

After duty, PY, JN and I were going out to Gurney when we, unlucky, bumped into P.L =o=

The she-devil then lectured us for not putting on school uniforms.
Sohai.(learn it from someone)

We're wearing Traffic T-shirts, not casual wears!

Then she said : No! If you're to come to school, you must wear your pinafore!! Or else you have to write a letter and have your teacher-in-charge's signature on it, then I'll approve.

[Stupid la, we're helping you to keep the order lo. Plus, we're not wearing improper clothes. Fine! No committee in charge later when school dismissed. (= o=!)] Boo sama dia~~

She-devil : Where the three of you heading to?!
JF : Home la.
She-devil : Next time ar~ Remember that you must wear pinafore on schooling days ya?!...bla-bla-bla..bla-bla-bla..
(The Three nodded their heads and quickly walked off..)

Sohai... -o-

Of course, we didn't go home. xP

One Stop!!
It is "one stop" = "want stop",
so we stopped and changed our shirts. (lol)
[Juan lost her glasses in the toilet!! x( Probably taken by heartless passer-by. Hope she didn't get scolded by her mum >.<]

{updated news : her mum didn’t care about the lost glasses. LOL}

Juan and I went to Sushi King while PY and JN went to watch Where Got GHOST?.
The said it's scary..0.o

-Sushi Hour- (Juan, can you spot the difference?) xP

-soy beans!!- (I look greedy –o–)

Kiss-Chain!! Lol~

After Sushi King, we went to try out some clothes(Oh, I love the TOPSHOP's there's-a-chip-on-my-shoulder shirt, but it doesn’t look good on me. T.T I know, I’m not mature enough -.-) and met RM(lol) and Iris.

-Fitting Room- (only Juan and yam yam Wen Chien know why I looked so sad –o–||| )

Juan said something before taking pictures that HURT me badly!! ToT

( should know why I cut out other parts. xD)

Juan saw her favourite Juicy Couture watch.
The expression on her face was completely the same as when I saw Jay-Chou-related stuffs!! o.0

It's the expression you will show if you see someone/something you LOVE SOOOO MUCH right in front of you. x)

Then I went to Kim Gary to meet up PY and JN.

Jit Nee...
Yerr, your blended drink...yuck. >o< (I know you agreed with me.) Too bad, I forgot to bring my phone. Or else I can capture your sh**-look-blended choc. LOL

[I don't want to say it out and I’m not the one who started this ya?]

I know many people will hate me for saying this but
you're really...handsome +yeng+cool!!
(p/s: only the side view from far) xD
and please STOP pushing/hitting my head okay??!! >W<

S & J!! [everytime I pass by, I will think of someone]
My cute little bookmark!!

Argh~ I love you!! You're so cute, and warm looking. :)
[PY, good choice on the blue i-call-it-snowballs. Excellent! xP]

Then we walked back to school.

I refused to duty, for two reasons :

1, I don’t want to see that stupid face of P.L
2, My traffic T-shirt stinks -.-

Sitting alone at GoodAll Café, when Li Wah and Yien Wei came to sit with me.
Oh and a Form 1 student from Heng Ee.
Thanks, guys.

At that moment, GoodAll Café is like Traffic Juniors’ Terrority. (lol)
Many Form 1 Traffic members were there, having their dinner.


Li Wah said a guy stalked me.
He stared at my back for a long time.
Sounds like a...pervert. =.="

She didn’t want to tell me who is it,
keep whispering with Yien Wei in front of me.. =o=
[Boo the two of you~]

Then, set off to LCH tuition!!
I walked faster and faster as it’s really dark. =.=

You have got to know that my eating speed is super fast. =P

Whoo~~ What a fun day.

Suddenly, I miss Jit Nee! >x<

Lai lai~ Gathering of three E1A students, in Sushi King. x) lol

The memory is past. The past is the memory.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Looking up to the ceiling.
The sky is no longer being seen everytime you lift your head up.

Listening to the clock ticks.
The present will soon be a memory, a history.

Time is cruel.

It changes everything.

No. Human did.
Time is innocent.

Human is the one who changes everything.
Don’t blame others.

You may start to plan your future now,
before it’s too late.

Buck up, panda!!

You are the only rare species in the world.
Ignore the black circles and eye bags.
You are unique! Hooray~



Does anyone play Cabal? Can you raise your hand?


My statistic shows that no one plays Cabal..
Because I couldn’t see any hand rising up~

Good! Then I don’t have to be jealous. *wicked laugh*

I want to play Cabal!!
Partly is because there are many cute pets in the game.
Okay, mostly is because of the pets. =.=

But, what’s wrong with that?
This is one of the purposes for the administrator to create such cute pets,
to draw people’s attention to play the game, right?
I’m just buying it. T.T

Cabal! Cabal! Cabal!!

I’ll show you pictures of them and you will drool like me!

Of course, there are some, not to say ugly but, not-so-cute pets. =P
I arrange the cutest pet on top then down until the not-so-cute-st pet. (Lol)

[p/s: I’m just making up the clan thingy, but the names are genuine.]

-Pets that drool major-

1. My Champion – Peng!! (aren’t he adorable? Especially after evolution >v<)

2. Pinky!!

3. Meow Ninja!!

4. Cutie Clan - Tai!!

5. Cutie Clan – Lai!!

6. Garlie Clan – Garlie!!

7. Garlie Clan – Red Garlie!!

8. Fancy Zard!! (cool-looking lizard. lol)

9. Rabbithorn!!

10. Little Clan - Perry!! (CY : looks like Stitch’s cousin)

11. Little Clan – Gry!!

12. Gentle Parrot!!

13. RoboRobo!! (a funny robot)

14. Woolly!!

15. Little Clan – Jack!! (reminds me of Nightmares Before Christmas)

16. Golden Fortune Pig!! (quite

17. Golem Jr.!! (cute eh ya tok / baby golem in dyper.. haha)

18. Troglo Clan – Troglo!!

19. Troglo Clan – Troglo Warrior!!(it looks alike with its master, D!) XD

20. Troglo Clan – Elder Troglo!!

21. Nipperlug!!(looks like evolution of gem stone that C can’t touch – Smallville)

22. Armaku!!

23. Crag Turtle!!

24. Dire Boar!! (阿里山的姑娘美如水呀~like natives’ pet)

25. Giant Beetle!! (I name my racing car : Silver Beetle)

26. Mantis!! (cute but looks aggressive)

27. Mummy!! (it’s actually very cool to bring it with you)

-end of list-

There’s a new released pet in the game that I didn’t list it out just now.

Now, I shall introduce you the eye-catching Worry Bear!! (Teddy’s favourite!)

From the name, you can tell.
It looks worry all the time, like a lost kid finding its mommy.


Too bad, Teddy.
It is cuter than you. Lol~

- Advertisement -

Soon, there will be another new released pet :

Smoky Worry Bear!!

Lol! Can you recognize him?

He is Worry Bear’s brother!! xP

Lonely Snowman