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Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Just feeling like sharing these photos,
recollect the fun moments we had there.

We went to Butterworth in the beginning of this year,
to attend a course at a special SHELL patrol station.

There’re a lot of puzzles and games.

We had to line up and vie with little kids to play. =o=
We’re kids, too! We’re childish! *lol*

Oh, we won’t miss taking pictures!

(Sigh. I have only two of them.)

As members of Traffic Warden, we demonstrated the correct way to cross a road.
Our motto this year : Road Safety is Our Priority!!

[MingHooi, TanJuan, JunFang]

It’s safe. Cross the road!
(Shhh!! Ignore the red light! O.0)

[Juan said she hates the little “pole dancer” on her right and there’s a rider banging his head into my butt -.-]

I want the photo that the three of us wearing a-kid’s-view-eyepatch.

Looks so funny!!

Sigh. Time is heartless.
You can only look back upon the past.

But who cares? I’m in my sweet sixteen!!
Wide roads and wonderful life ahead of me, waiting to be explored.

Create glorious presents.
Create a wonderful memoir for the future, of the past.
Live without regrets.

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