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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Of February Hustle and March Bustle

Hectic moments are times when you get to discover just how high your EQ is. Three weeks of unceasing commitments. A bundle of lessons learnt.

1~ Life can be really really Really unexpected. You thought you could make it, but the result is very well disappointing. You thought you would surely screw it, "just get through it and leave" but you won. The best way to move on is to find the 'center' and magnify it.

2~ Everyone is learning, regardless of seniority. We give and take, learn from each other's mistake and feel the lightness of forgiveness. Put fun before all things. Enjoy the effort, put aside the outcome. Observe tiny little details when others are too self-indulgent. Be wiling to give, not counting how much you could get in return, because a leader should consider benefits of all. A leader is a no-solo player. Share the credits, give opportunity for others to grow like you.

3~ Keep your head when others lose theirs. Conflicts arise at times of havoc. You are not the only one being suffocated by stress and commitments. Stay calm, because venting and losing your grip isn't going to make you feel better.

4~ Being redundantly mentioned, time management is the key. Yes, you have commitments and all. Yes, you are obligated to join this and that. Yes, you cannot give up such golden opportunity. Yes, they should have better system so you won't have everything coming at once. This only hits you when you see someone with similar condition of yours managing well. HOW he managed to settle everything so coolly? Well, he has better time management than you do. Prioritize things. Listen to your heart and ignore your flesh demands. Gist of it : Suffer the pain of discipline or suffer the pain of regret.

Looking back the past three weeks, I feel impressed myself. I did not realize that I could have done so much in such a short period of time. As ridiculous and exaggerated as it might sound, I did not even have the time to talk slowly when my parents called. Everything was done in a rush.

First week was of cheer leading practice and Korean-Windows To Malaysia program dance performance practice. I had to put the former before the latter because KOT was three weeks later. I's the only Chinese in the whole team so I's in charged of choreographing a short traditional fan dance. Every afternoon, we would go UM to meet up with the Koreans and practise a Malay traditional dance which we would perform together later. At night, we would gather at hostel to choreograph and practise dances that we would perform ourselves. Leaving tutorial tasks and assignments aside, I would say we really gave our all into this. Our effort was recognized when UM authority expressed their thought of inviting us to perform at their theater in the future. After K-WTM set the curtains, afternoons were replaced with assignments and nights with cheer leading choreography.

Second week was the most exhausting week of all. As usual, afternoons were filled with assignments and nights with cheer leading practise. What made the week more unbearable was the late notice of YSS interview. It was of a volunteering program under MOE I'd never heard of and thus far, IPBA had sent 6 students to be interviewed where only 2 succeeded. This year, IPBA sent forth three students of Malaysia's main races. I would say it's really an honour to be given the golden opportunity.

Got informed about this at 7pm, settle assignment until 12am, start filling up forms, typing convincing essay and resume until 4am. Gathered at foyer around 7am the next morning to go Putrajaya where the headquarter  of Ministry of Education is. Wait until 2pm to finally be interviewed. Reached IPBA around 6pm and straight off to sukantara in the field after a quick change of attire. Done shot put, 100m run and long jump. Then off to cheer leading practice until 12am. Eight hours of sleep was all I had for two days. Down a pill of vitamin C, continue to strive for more!

Third week, a timeline will do.
Monday - got ready for 1500m but rained heavily. Meeting with MiYong KyoSuNim. Cheerleading.
Tuesday - 1500m. UM : new batch of Korean students.
Wednesday - 800m &4x400m. Cheerleading.
Thursday - Cheerleading.
 Friday - Moral presentation. Cheerleading.
Saturday - KOT.

Though less than I anticipated, the achievements I got in KOT are pretty comforting.
4X400m - 2nd
Cheer leading - 3rd
Cheer leading - best costume
Mascot - 1st
Overall championship - 1st

To think I'm finally set free and can be more relax after these three weeks is naive.

3 assignments to be handed in next week. SBE for a week. YSS in Sarawak for two weeks. Another 3 assignments to be submitted on the same day and quiz in the following week. 2 more assignments on the week after the next. Then, less than a month to finals.

Shooooot! Haven't started on VOI. I can't remember who's under me. It's due in a month time. Just great.

All in all, I'm genuinely grateful for the packed schedule I have this semester because now is the time I maximize my exposure and fall so that I have less bumpy rides in the future. To a wonderful sense of accomplishment and blessed life surrounded with guardian angels, yam seng!!
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