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Monday, May 23, 2011

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This is a random post.

Found this in my emails, maybe some of you have got it too.

Just wanted to share out here, instead of sending via email,

because for me, I will mostly delete these kinda forwarded messages without viewing it to clear off my emails since Facebook has crammed my inbox.

This is about How You Should Respond to Life's Various Circumstances.

More about Jay Chou

These are for those who's interested in Jay
(either you already like him or got influenced by me *flips hair*)
I would like to show you these video clips.

These will help you to understand him better.

These are only about the process in getting more and more famous,
as for his background story before the debut,
welcome to find me and I'll tell you every single detail.(^v^)

Or you can skip the above two and listen to selection of his songs album by album,

as you watch his effort in succeeding his concerts.

His individual character is one of the qualities he owns that I admire.


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Suffers for Beauty

I've never believed in Tooth Fairy, and I've never been to the clinic, neither for checkup nor extraction. However, for the sake of beauty, I put on braces and now, extraction.

I was told my teeth is perfect that I can take off my braces after exactly one year, but if I'm unsatisfied with my convex lips, I will have four teeth extracted and continue putting on braces for one and a half year to 'adjust' my lips.

I was torn between two thoughts, to go with perfection or be contented so I don't have to suffer from the pain anymore.

After a hard struggle, I made up my mind to go with perfection. There's no extra charges and I've paid so much for it anyway. If it's not perfect, it's like the charges dont worth it.

So today's the first half of extraction war. Two teeth on the right side of my mouth will be extracted today, the other two on the left will be extracted next week. =S

Imagine feeling the stitches on your gum when the narcotic is gone and all you eat for the whole day are 5 cups of paddle pop ice cream and 2 cups of low fat yogurt. *whines*

Proudly present my well-grown teeth. == *mourns*

The roots are so long that they leave deep holes after extraction, that's why I have stitches. TTwTT
*pain till ROFL without the L*

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Turning Point in Life

As quoted from my Facebook status,

"Life is always full of unkowns and decisions. You may not get what you want, but the things offered to you may be good even if they have never crossed your mind. At the fork of the roads, I always strongly believe in 'Choose what you love, and love your choice'. If you can't do the former, then do well in the latter. Getting what is best for me and that I've never thought of, I'm feeply touched and contented."

This is the day when Xuan popped up on my wall and told me the results for KPLSPM is out.

I have got rejected from Matriculation, I don't want to review the disappointed feeling anymore. Heart's beating fast.

Mum was beside me, surprisingly calmer than I was. Should be, I was surprisingly more anxious than my mum! This is the programme that she kinda forced me to apply and go interview for it. The result, as well, was surprising! I got it!(since I sabotaged myself by telling the interviewers that I don't really like children when I'm offered to teach primary English) And the best part, I'm posted to Wilayah Persekutuan, I'm meeting my brother! =D

Guess I'm really lucky for I don't have to struggle in Form 6, facing The Disaster ----- STPM. Teaching is a secure and wellrespected profession, anyway. =)

Had fun with dad and mum in TGI Friday's!

That was the first time for all of us stepping into Friday's. I'll never forget that they rejected me when I went to interview for a temporary job just because I's not 18, yet.

I love Daddy.

I love Mummy.

and I love being myself. <3

Lonely Snowman