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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Second Graduation in My Life.


Time flies. Some sayings are never less appropriate, even if they're old.

I remember the very first day I walked in PCGHS. Penang Chinese Girls' High School --- I made it, despite the high expectations from the parents and teachers in primary school. The surrounding was so unfamiliar and I remember I almost got lost for being off the group during orientation. == Now, I'm a Traffic Warden, who sometimes need to give direction to the visitors of my school.

Form one, an innocent and memorable year. That's the year we have our own(so-called)gangs and BFFs. We argued over small stuffs, brought chocs and sweets for each other, gave each other presents and held hands, sometimes even smile the entire day for being hugged by the other. I know, it sounds like lesbians but that's the pure and sweet friendship we had. (Some of them last, though.) No plotting against each other, no setting up. Okay, it's a lie. I did. No. WE did. But those are harmless. *cross fingers* xP

Form Two, Form Three, Form Four.....I'm not going to brief through these years as it will be an endless article if I do so. With the graduation song 萦迴 keep on repeating, the memories keep on flashing back. I thought I'm going to be lost for words, but it appears that I'm feeling so....*lost for words* Okay, forget about it. ==

Finaly, after 4 times of changing ribbon on our pinafores, we sew on THE green ribbon, which symbolises being in the last year of high school --- Form Five.

I will never forget the adventures I had in school : climbing up the roof, walking inside the attic, stealing sweets from teachers' tables, stealing rambutans from Taman Sains, sneaking into forbidden areas etc. (Shhh, these are supposed to be secrets! xP)

Soon enough, 3rd chapter of life will come to an end. We've learnt the way life goes. Now, it's time to spread our wings and sore high! Show the world what you have and realize your dreams! Life gets better as you fly higher. How true.

Everyone, thanks for colouring up my LIFE. *hugs* =)

2010 PCGHS Graduation Song : 萦迴

p/s: Every little presents from y'all, I still display them in my cupboard.(Of course, yours the most, Juan =P)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

WT Farewell 16/10/10

What to say now?

I've spitted out everything from my heart today.(well, not all of them due to anxiety for unknown reason >.<) It's really hard to put your feelings into words when it comes to farewell. You just feel like having a good look at each other, and waving each other goodbye, not knowing what to say. Girls...thanks. This is not only for my adorable juniors, but also my beloved schoolmates.

We've gone through thin and thick in these short and memorable five years. Thanks for the company. Thanks for the laughter. Thanks for the comfort. Thanks for the friendship. Thanks for the memories. Thanks for EVERY LITTLE THING. I will cherish them. =)

Here are some souvenirs from BTP(Board of Traffic Prefects) :

Hey, copyrighted! Lol. It's nice, between. =)

Farewell, mates! Do miss me. x)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

SPM's time table : here

Annual war SPM 2010 is approaching.

Be prepared, comrades!

Grrrr, how to get rid of this super relax attitude?
I need presssssssssssssssssure.
Lonely Snowman