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Saturday, August 23, 2014

That Sentimentality

Maybe it's growing up,
Maybe it's life getting more hectic than before,
Maybe it's one of the moments when you listen to emotional songs and life moments come back to you like a playback, screened scene by scene.

The clock continues to tick. The more I gain, the less they have left.

It struck me that having yet to start working, I have already arranged my schedule to be packed and eventful when I can opt for a slack/typical lifestyle of studies and movies. I never regretted committing myself in so many areas, this is how I want my life be to the fullest. Exposing myself to as many things as possible, giving life the opportunities to trip me over (though I don't handle them well, lol)... in hope that these experiences may help to pave a less bumpy road ahead.

I'm not drowned by fatigue. I miss home.
I need warm hugs. I need Olaf.

Song for the night :

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Spotted : Pokémon Company

Pokémon Center Co.Ltd
Roppongi Hills Mori Tower 18F,
6-10-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku,
Tokyo 106-6118

       This is Mori Tower in Tokyo, not owned solely by The Pokemon Company itself. The headquarters are inside the tower.

            According to the net, the headquarters are in 3 places only, namely Tokyo-Japan, Washington-US and London-England. Whereas the  I've requested my friends in London, Korea, America and Japan to search for these places. Hopefully I get to upload photos of the inner architecture soon. *fingers crossed* >> Address For All Pokemon Companies <<

           I may be late to discover but it's never too late to start exploring as long as it exists! My friend shared a Tumblr link (The Art of Pining) on Facebook to me. That's how I got to know this. Cuteness overload!!

          The past few months have been packed but in a different manner. Usually it is hectic due to assignments and performances in campus but those few months were all about Koreans and Japanese and church stuffs. People tend to discover more about themselves during hectic moments. The more you encounter, the more you stumble. The more you pick yourself up, the tougher you get. I shall sum up the lesson from all my experiences in a sentence : Mix around with those who lift you up and don't forget to complement each other because this is how healthy relationships should be.

           I missed out on Copa Iba but managed to join for Gospel Cup (captainball tournaments). Yet, the practices and tournament merely took up three days of the month. July schedule was really packed. Third batch of Koreans arrived for only a month, therefore we had to cramp every event in weeks. Despite having involved in all three batches, I must say this was the only batch I sensed real bonding among each other. Be it the small number of them or them being more attached, I had wonderful, silly and memorable moments with them. I think most people click better with smaller crowd. It's hard to cater to all at the same time. I do not know how time will dilute this friendship, or how long-lasting it's going to be, I just pray that this will be the kind of friendship that you would occasionally take the memories out, chew on it, reminisce the tastes and still feel good about it. :)

           Academic duties are protruding their sharp claws on me. I ought to pull myself together and start thrusting. I can't be relying on my partners to cover up for me every time. Speaking of which, I'm truly blessed and thankful for the little angels surrounding me. May they be blessed and see me as a blessing too. =3

           Ahh, I've strayed away from my main idea of the post as usual. Anyways, I would be more than delighted to personally walked into one of the headquarters or offices one day. Pray that I could make this little dream come true in Japan! 楽しみにしています!=D 

p/s: I see what's happening. The visions may be blur and I may overlook at times, but I can sense it. I know. Give me more time, and I will put my thoughts together. With Love.
Lonely Snowman