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Sunday, August 22, 2010

It's time

I'm not going to online anymore until trial ends and that's a promise! *cross fingers*


I'm wasting a lot of time today to be online, because I told myself that today will be the last day I turn on my HP Mini until trial ends. Therefore, I'm going to make one last update before signing off.

I went for a haircut last Sunday after weeks of endurance. My hair is thickening faster than it growing longer. Plus...most of all, kiu mo!! Grrr, so it's time to be vain again.

Before : New braces =3

After : New haircut

It's time for cam whoring!

Looks like it's snowing in the house!


And now, it's time to..


Miss me for a month, Lychee.


Am I the only one who's not anxious about trial 0.0?

Trial is exactly 7 days from now and I don't even finish a subject yet. Worse still, I'm still slacking in Facebook and updating my blog almost everyday! I sign in MSN and chit chat with friends about hanging out after trial. I tidied up my reading table and put the books into piles so that I can follow the plan to finish one pile a week. (Yeah, I know I have only one week left.)

After 3 hours of tidying only a reading table, I told myself, "Ah, finally you tidied up your messy reading table. You deserve a good rest as your reward. Now, go play your games."..Anyway, don't forget, I'm preparing for SPM! Okay, this is not the first time I'm saying this, don't give me that look. *guilty* ><

Two weeks back, I went to the education fair in the hall, seeking for motivation that hopefully when I see people gathering around the table, asking for details to study overseas, I will get anxious about my future too. However, umm...I don't have the plan to study overseas, so I guess it didn't work. ==

In fact, i got stuffed a lot of flyers, booklets and name cards and even forced to sign up to get information about the courses.

Oh, and I get this very cute Exam Warrior, who doesn't help a tiny bit in my studies. Instead, I play with him when I'm bored. ><

Hey, don't take off my helmet! I'm trying to have a nap here! If it wasn't you to lost my sword(paper-pencil), I swear I will slice you into pieces!! (Um, you're going to slice me with.. a pencil? lol)

Guess I'm really sticking on to Happy Go Lucky principle. Great, maybe this trial will be a boredom to me. Like what I get from the past experience, I see everyone writing pages and pages of answers, sweating as they lifted their heads to watch the time, raised their hands up for more papers, while I'm staring at the first page of the question paper, thinking of what could be best to fill in so that teacher will think ' at least this girl understands some basic theory although she got it all wrong', leaving the hall for toilets when actually I just wanted to walk around and take in some fresh air after 30 minutes of suffocating in the intense atmosphere in the hall.

And umm, this is what I did during mid-year's History examination. 0.0

Paragraphs after paragraphs of lyrics. Oh, I did some Physics revision too. Spot that? Pulley!(stupid topic)

I hope this trial will be better. Ho ho~

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Heart codes

Here I am, staring into space,
I'm lost in a maze and I'm still thinking Jay.

I think dooms day is approaching,
I know I'm not fast enough so I'm speeding.

I can't tell if you're a moth or a butterfly,
I keep on failing whenever I try.

A peek a day makes a great essay.

If I ever found out it's a lie,
I'm gonna rip you alive.

In conclusion,
Moody mood is suffocating.

Blah, craps.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Yes, I heard him everywhere I go!

#While playing basketball in the stadium,

I heard《跨时代》,

and chop, a 3-point shoot! ^0^

#While slacking in Prangin Mall after school,
I heard 《龙战骑士》in S&J,
and I get to buy something I wanted for only RM2 which actually costs around RM10.

- cute Stitch -

#On the way to tuition,
I heard 《烟花易冷》 from 988 FM.

At least these made me forgot about all the unhappiness momentarily.

- Another rapid ride -


For all sorts of reason, I hate this week.
I hate it!!

Don't make me tell stories,
I don't want to say rude words anymore.


Walkathon, I'm coming.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

For a clearer view, kindly visit here. <--click







Tuesday, August 17, 2010


(Although I don't like Yao Yao, but I have to admit her voice is not bad and Jay's song has helped her a lot. )

I've played this song for more than 20 times,
yet I'm still playing it.
Somehow, the music attracts me. The lyrics caught my eyes.

Composer : Jay Chou
Lyrics : no idea
Singer : Yao Yao

我們的歌曲 我聽了好幾十遍 我知道 你不會再出現

巷口的蛋糕店 一個人吃也很甜 我相信 幸福離我不遠

別想了 怎麼了 過去了 愛已不見了 你走了 難過了 快樂呢 都已算了

應該很多人像我一樣 隱藏每次心酸 交給老天去安排

我的悸動 我的洶湧 沒有人知道 你要不要我要不要 該放就放掉

別再偷偷流淚 用微笑來承接 幸福要靠時間 證明

面朝陽光 大步向前 一定會更好

灰灰的雲灰灰的天 等會就散了

把你壓進心底 騰空我的心裏 我才又看見 好的人出現在身邊

熟悉的街道 我走了好幾十遍 我知道 你不會再出現

別再自怨自憐 總有可依靠的肩 我相信 幸福離我不遠

別想了 怎麼了 過去了 愛已不見了 你走了 難過了 快樂呢 都已算了

應該很多人像我一樣 不會說出不安 在人群前裝堅強

我的悸動 我的洶湧 沒有人知道 你要不要我要不要 該放就放掉

別再偷偷流淚 用微笑來承接 幸福要靠時間 證明

面朝陽光 大步向前 一定會更好

灰灰的雲灰灰的天 等會就散了

把你壓進心底 騰空我的心裏 我才又看見


Uh Oh

Shhh..gonna delay them.

Good thing I don't serve nuffnang.

I dont have to keep my blog up to date so that my readers will have things to read. =P

I can post anything anytime I like.

I have supporters, that will do.


Friday, August 6, 2010


I'm still shivering inside out.

I feel like crying in the public sometimes but I know I shouldn't.

I'm so not ready yet.

Ma, I feel like crying sometimes...but I can't find you to talk to. I really need you. =(
Lonely Snowman