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Sunday, October 11, 2009


Does anyone play Cabal? Can you raise your hand?


My statistic shows that no one plays Cabal..
Because I couldn’t see any hand rising up~

Good! Then I don’t have to be jealous. *wicked laugh*

I want to play Cabal!!
Partly is because there are many cute pets in the game.
Okay, mostly is because of the pets. =.=

But, what’s wrong with that?
This is one of the purposes for the administrator to create such cute pets,
to draw people’s attention to play the game, right?
I’m just buying it. T.T

Cabal! Cabal! Cabal!!

I’ll show you pictures of them and you will drool like me!

Of course, there are some, not to say ugly but, not-so-cute pets. =P
I arrange the cutest pet on top then down until the not-so-cute-st pet. (Lol)

[p/s: I’m just making up the clan thingy, but the names are genuine.]

-Pets that drool major-

1. My Champion – Peng!! (aren’t he adorable? Especially after evolution >v<)

2. Pinky!!

3. Meow Ninja!!

4. Cutie Clan - Tai!!

5. Cutie Clan – Lai!!

6. Garlie Clan – Garlie!!

7. Garlie Clan – Red Garlie!!

8. Fancy Zard!! (cool-looking lizard. lol)

9. Rabbithorn!!

10. Little Clan - Perry!! (CY : looks like Stitch’s cousin)

11. Little Clan – Gry!!

12. Gentle Parrot!!

13. RoboRobo!! (a funny robot)

14. Woolly!!

15. Little Clan – Jack!! (reminds me of Nightmares Before Christmas)

16. Golden Fortune Pig!! (quite

17. Golem Jr.!! (cute eh ya tok / baby golem in dyper.. haha)

18. Troglo Clan – Troglo!!

19. Troglo Clan – Troglo Warrior!!(it looks alike with its master, D!) XD

20. Troglo Clan – Elder Troglo!!

21. Nipperlug!!(looks like evolution of gem stone that C can’t touch – Smallville)

22. Armaku!!

23. Crag Turtle!!

24. Dire Boar!! (阿里山的姑娘美如水呀~like natives’ pet)

25. Giant Beetle!! (I name my racing car : Silver Beetle)

26. Mantis!! (cute but looks aggressive)

27. Mummy!! (it’s actually very cool to bring it with you)

-end of list-

There’s a new released pet in the game that I didn’t list it out just now.

Now, I shall introduce you the eye-catching Worry Bear!! (Teddy’s favourite!)

From the name, you can tell.
It looks worry all the time, like a lost kid finding its mommy.


Too bad, Teddy.
It is cuter than you. Lol~

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Soon, there will be another new released pet :

Smoky Worry Bear!!

Lol! Can you recognize him?

He is Worry Bear’s brother!! xP

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