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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Black Men Fever

I find myself liking the black guys' songs more than the white men's.

Here's some suggestions :

Music Playlist at

*--Solo . Iyaz

--Break Your Heart . Taio Cruz

--Do You . Ne-Yo

--Speedin' . Omarion

*--Crawl . Chris Brown

--Wrap U Around Me . Sean Kingston

--2 Late 4 Us . Chrishan

*--Thinking About You . Mario

--Fallen . Jason Derulo

--I'll Never Love Again . Taio Cruz

*--Lights Off . Jay Sean

I hope you like them!

p/s: Colby O'Donis is good, he's a white man though. =P

Sunday, July 25, 2010


There's a lot to think about it.


Sunday, July 18, 2010


---Fear to most of the SPM candidates, that includes me.

Sent an sms, no reply.
I don't dare to risk a second try because there are cases which one sent three sms-es as there is no reply. In the end, one got all three replies with two "Maaf" and one "Tahniah".

Finally got to check online.
Initially, I was puzzled because I don't see the word "MAAF".
Later then...*jumps!!*


It's like getting a ticket to Jay's concert.

For those who, unfortunately, kena..

there are a few ways to get away from it.(not 100% workable)

1, Apply to study in a college which starts lesson early.
(My Physics teacher's trick which worked out successfully)

2, Jump from 3rd floor and get injured. Don't die, of course.


--SS501 (Love ya)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Studying yet?

Posting failure.

Chat box failure.

Well, this might be a good thing, which means
No Distraction.

Time for SPM!!!!
(..after day camp,competition,quiz and farewell end)

Tuesday drama

Today, a fight between me and my Mandarin teacher occurs again.

It's always been the same..

Jay Chou vs Jin Cheng Wu


Obviously, Jay Chou is mine and Jin Cheng Wu is hers.



Good Luck everyone for the competition tomorrow!!
Although I can't be there for you girls but I know you will give your best shots!

Keep the trophy, maintain the glory!!

Only WC knows about her.
I'm tired of fighting against other committee over you.
Fine, I give up.

You deserve this.


The never ending topic---SPM.


I know I sound stupid sometimes,
but it's the true feeling I have.

He gives me strength. Hearts you.

Monday, July 12, 2010

World Cup drama

Great. I don't get the hell why.

Computer spoiled 1 hour before World Cup finals start.
Luckily daddy's lab top was working.

Stayed up until 5am plus, like major.
(but I guess I'm luckier to have 45 minutes sleep)

In school, I saw more of my species ---pandas. 0v0

Planned/expected to sleep in class,
but it turned out that I'm so high I didn't even feel sleepy the whole day.

# Feeling high for no reason, I've been like this for a week.
After all, like what Mrs Tan said,
"Makin hampir SPM makin gila" #

Not until..item practice.
Not training.
Not until..tuition!
(so shocked she didn't scold me steam for the first time)

took out homework from school bag,
kept the homework back after one sec,
fall on bed...*snores*.

Mom still don't believe her beloved daughter will watch football matches.
Has she forgotten her daughter's childhood??

That explains why she's so boyish.

This is so not my fault. =P

p/s: Netherlands is Holland lai!!

Lonely Snowman