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Saturday, May 12, 2012

You Can Handle It

Eric and James were keeping busy. Between finishing their school work and all their other spring activities, they could hardly find any time for play or relaxation.

"Oh man, I just wish things would slow down!" James moaned, "I do wish planting season would hurry up and end. I can't wait to rest and relax in the summer." James was just trying to survive the busy planting season. Eric paused for a moment on his shovel to think about his brother's words. "I'm sure father wouldn't give us more work to do than we could handle," he reflected. "He loves us to perfectly. This hard work must be just what we need. I'm going to choose to enjoy it."

"But we can't possibly possibly get it all done!" James countered.

Eric knew James was right. They had more things to do than they could ever hope to finish. James' words brought the weight of all that needed done pressing down on Eric's shoulders. Then Eric was responsible for doing each task with a full heart. The smile returned to Eric's face. He didn't have to carry the burden; he just needed to be diligent with the tasks his father had given him.

God knows what you are going through. Like Eric he wants you to know that he loves you and all the burdens that you have right now are just going to make you stronger. May the joy of the Lord always be your strength!

p/s: The short stories I posted are taken from the bulletin distributed by Peace Community Church. You can take it as a preaching, or not. It is just a sharing of motivational stories that might help you to see things positively as how it does to me. Be you from any religion or you believing in a universal God, to me, any God-fearing person will know best the consequences of doing evil. Be Him always where your strength lies upon when there is no one you can rely on. GBY! ;)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

After a long twist...

The feelings come and go. I want to jot it down. I don't want to forget the feeling. I want to secure it somewhere in the corner of my heart and I know doing it mentally is not powerful enough. The urge grows stronger and I eventually swallow it down my throat. The pain when it slits through the passage intensify, sarcastically mocking the contrast of the past and the present.

"The past is not something to be kept in the mind, its something to be washed out but not to be repeated."

It struck me. No matter how hard you try to wipe it off, the stain just don't go away. Maybe it was me grabbing onto the memory. It's a shame to let it fade away, assuming the uniqueness of each and every memory in our life. Am I not the only one? I wish I know the answer. But too often human are more afraid to be acknowledged than not knowing. I know the answer. At least I think I do. It's like what's been mentioned, confirmation is important for one to test if one is not alone going through all these. Like wise, it is a probe to make sure the other one is open enough to discuss the topic.

Different saying works on different people. For certain people, you might not want to take every single word he or she said seriously because the next day you know those are plainly words without meaning. On the other hand, some people truly mean what they say because they simply know the power of words and how it would impact a person's life. Which category do you fall under? I find it difficult to apply which saying on who. Confession of being unobservant made. Admission of acting dumb proven sincere. Acting dumb to cover up tracks of being all panicky and embarrassed...doesn't work all times.

I know things are not going to work out the way I wanted. Still, stubbornness overtakes rationality. Somehow, I just need to fall on my knees to finally give up on something.

"You are always afraid to take a step forward because you think you know what awaits at the end of the road but are you sure the path you're taking is parallel to the direction you think you are going? After all, life is about being courageous enough to take risks."

Yeah, I wish I have the courage to put any decision in mind into practice. Any help, please? Nuttiness wanted!

Monday, May 7, 2012

A Glass of Milk

One day a poor boy went begging from door to door to feed his hungry stomach. He knocked on a door and a lovely lady opened, instead of asking for food he asked for a glass of water. The woman thought he looked hungry so she brought him a glass of milk, after drinking he said, "thank you, I owe you" She replied, "you owe nothing, no payment needed for act of kindness". He then said, "I thank you from my heart".

Years later that woman became critically ill that the doctors baffled as they couldn't cure her, so specialists were called to study the rare illness. Haward Kelly who was called for consultation immediately recognised the wman, He went back to the consultation room determined to do his best to save her life and after a long struggle, the battle was won. Dr. Kelly requested the bill be passes to him for approval. He looked at the huge bill and wrote something on it. Then the bill was sent to the lady's room. The lady feared opening it, as she knew the bill could take a lifetime to pay off. When she eventually opened it, she noticed something written on the edge of the note "PAID FOR IN FULL FOR A GLASS OF MILK".

Tears fill her as she immediately remembered the rugged dirty skinny boy who knocked on her door. My dear friends, always remember that every act of kindness you sow doesn't bounce back; it reproduces itself, not necessarily before your eyes always. However, it does even to your next generation. Jesus says, "Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me" (Matt 25:40)

p/s: Happy 19th Shira! =)
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