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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Happy birthday!!

Congratulation and Happy birthday!!

My mama-blog (Realistic Terebinthia) has a new born baby!

His name is "Lychee!!". (temporary)

For those who sees this blog, I hope you like it and please spread the news.
This is a happy moment to celebrate with joy!! lol

A new born baby. Yeah! x)

This is my third blog as I own :
1) Realistic Terebinthia - blogspot
2) Realistic Terebinthia - wretch
Lychee!! - blogspot


For Realistic Terebinthia (blogspot),
I'm using it to post up a variety of Pyshcology Tests.

Go try out!
Available in English and Mandarin.



As for the wretch blog,Realistic Terebinthia,
it's my dairy. Pieces of my life.
And some other stuffs.


It's a miscellanea. =)

Check it out!


Lychee!! - my current blog.

This name came from my friend's nickname.

His name makes me think of lychee, XD
and he's helping me out in this blog, too.

So I'll name this blog Lychee!! temporarily as to thank him.

Lastly, hope you enjoy my blogs!!
Have fun.

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