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Friday, January 1, 2010

Cameron Trip with family...

Once in 2009...(=.=) we went to KL to fetch bro back. When we got into the car to make a move, mum gave me a surprise-----Jay仔!! I named him Jay仔/A Jay. You know why. <3 Therefore along the journey, I was not with the new Hung Family member!

Jay仔 : Hi!

I was trying to look like him. Focus on our eyes x)

When we reach our hotel...
Woei, not your pillow..

Don't think I won't kick you off the bed just because you are new here. Hng.

He went to find his "room mate" to mengadu-domba. Tsk.

Cameron view as the background.

Mummy stole Jay仔. See? He's not so happy with mum. xD

While we were busy taking photos, bro was...
Look for my bro in the mirror. You can find this expression on every boy's face when they're watching football.

I just love the way A Jay and I in the photo.

We set off to Cactus Point. In the car park...
Bro cut his finger and mum's putting windy oil which is really pain on the wound.

And so thats my bro's look : geli + scared + pek chek + funny.
(Nice pic, JF. This is what I call 经典) xD

-Cactus Point-

Mum and bro are so dirty minded. =o=

Actually I think this is nice.

Rabbit cactus!

Stone Lily/Cactus or something, I forgot the name. I like this!

Mummy bought this.

The grass around them are actually uninvited guest, but they look nice around them right?
I like the grass! Sharp, pointy grass.

No edit. Nothing.


Too bad it blurs out.

When it dies, it looks like a dragon. Cool~

Don't you think they look like little flower angels dancing? How cute~

Well grown Christmas plants!!

-Big Red Strawberry Farm-
Strawberry steps!

Back to Equatorial Hotel.
We can't play play station because it is too expensive!!

so we played pool! My first time and also the last in 2009 ToT
The "pros"

The real PRO!
and this one too x)
Daddy's also a real PRO but he's the cameraman >.< Then we went back to our room and celebrated bro's birthday! Bro's birthday cheesecake from Cafe Shop in Equatorial Hotel. RM16!! >v<

If you're looking at the roof tops then you miss the main point. Look out for the big moth.

Look like little corns, don't they?

I LOVE this flower!! This photo makes me proud of my phone camera, too.

The smokehouse.

Okay, I'm really lazy to post. School's reopening and makes me so frustrated over things not done for coming plannings, so that's it.

I went to Cameron for two times this month. Another trip was with friends. Kindly visit the following link to check out what funny things we did.

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