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Friday, December 11, 2009

Nana nanana nanana nanana-----

When's my last post ya?
Oh! It's about a month ago.
I got two different perspectives for that.


One scolded me lazy girl -o-
but I don't care because I saw someone's article :

I'm lazy to post, but this is my blog.
What you can do, huh?

Don't you find it familiar?
What can you say now, huh?



Another supports my laziness.
She said,

No~ You must not update too often. Like me, let the blog rusts. Good~

(although she's updating her blog when she said that to me -.-)


So..I prefer listening to A Jay,

Don't have to update la~~

{0kie dokie, A Jay. I love you. ^x^}

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