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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Late Xmas post

This post is dedicated to Hung Family.

We always have a great time every year in Hung Family Xmas Party!
As usual, I's the game master.

Games, jokes, funny TV programs, online...and of course, FOODS!!!
It's the most important thing in this event! xD

Look at them. They made me drool~

Featuring pizza and Big Apple Donuts!!

The adults will never miss out they-call-healthy food.=v=

See? My 2nd aunt loves it, too!

Game master on the move!

After the game, everyone was exhausted and our lips berasa semut semut due to continuous laughing.We rested for a while and took some silly photos. Too bad most of them are in my dad's camera.

Here comes the main idea of this party being carried out.
Most Hung Familly members were born in December, so we will celebrate Christmas and Birthday at once.

*~Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday!!~*

~Lucky Draw hour~

Yo, I got the first prize!! It's a stylish alarm clock + radio. I love it!

Wonder what are they doing?

My cousin and I were excited seeing the Makisa fruit for the first time in our life!

It's cute and nice, but when it is cut...


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