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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Birthday reminiscence..

29-12-09 Shih Chung Alumni Gathering & Jun Fang's birthday!!

This article is posted to leave a mark in my "diary" that will reminds me, I have had a special birthday in my life.

Since I was little, I enjoy parties but I won't held one. Every year on my birthday, I'd be in Singapore.

Last year I didn't go to Singapore so I suggested to organize a gathering on my birthday.
It was not because of I wanted presents and wishes on that day, it was because I want to feel what it's like to be with friends on my birthday.

I love my parents.
I never spend time outside with friends on big days.
Once again, you prove to me that there are still people who cares about you.
Even if it is only ONE person who really cares about you, that's enough.

That night, I received wishes, gifts and cream pie!!

For pictures, please log on to

Thanks to those who attended the gathering :
1, Eric Tan
2, David Yong
3, Jian Soong
4, Jin Yee
5, Xin Ee
6, Jason Lee
7, Pei Liang
8, Thompson Loh
9, Marcus
10, Lee May
11, Yi Qi
12, Ying Ying
13, Jing Yan
14, Ke Li
15, Jordan
16, Gavin
17, Xin Ning

Presents :
1, from Mummy and Daddy!! <3

He's just sooooo CUTE!!

2, from Chee Yi

it's from TAIWAN!! TAIWAN!!! ARGH~~

3, Cheng Choong

4, Jin Yee

Sorry, forgot to capture what's inside. It's a cute pig phone holder.

5, Lee May

Ginger Bread Man in the house!

SMS-es :
1, Sau yit
2, Florence
3, Jhing Huey
4, Li Wah
5, Yien Wei
6, Maria!
7, Pei Liang
8, Lee May
9, Darl!
10, Jin Yee
11, Chee Yi
12, Li Mei sis
13, Benny Tok
(Sorry if your name is not here,I accidentally deleted some of them. Thanks, all.)

[p/s: Darl, I love you and soooo sorry that I was not at home that time. ='( ]

Lastly, I would like to express my thanks to everybody who attended the gathering and made it a success! 2009 was really a special year for my whole family!

Hopefully 2010 is also a year of blessings!

:Bless you:

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