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Saturday, January 16, 2010

First two weeks in school..

Darn. Only the first week and I'm getting sick?!


I believe she's the one who "purposely" spread the virus to me so that she can recover soon. =.= Lol.

I was not sick on the first day, but the third. Therefore, I took this for a week.

Alicia sits beside me and she was coughing badly. I'm not sure if she recovers by now, but I'm pretty sure that I'VE BEEN COUGHING FOR MORE THAN ONE WEEK AND NOT RECOVERING EVEN A TINY BIT! Sigh.

I finished FOUR bottles of Eastern & Western medicine for cough and yet useless. And now I'm having my FIFTH! ToT!!
These days I've been eating only porridge, Koay Tiaw Teng and medicines.

Medicine for my ulcer.

The synus syrup is nice, though.


I want to eat French Fries, Burgers, something OILY after I recover!!!

(Please note that major delicious, finger-licking food are oily)

Let's look at the retrospect below.

*6th Jan* - Started to cough.

*7th Jan* - I saw steam!! Flu, sore throat and ulcer came in. Hell.

*8th Jan* - BM teacher told me to order "Bravo! Komsas" for the class.

*9th Jan* - I ordered "Bravo! English 1119" =.=|||
(Why? Actually I don't get why, maybe it's because the teacher spook to me in English
and the BIG word is "Bravo!")

*10th Jan* - BM teacher : "Mana buku Bravo yang saya suruh kamu beli itu?" O0O||
(Luckily I was not in class, Everyone turned to look at Ah Ma, sitting beside, instead of me. xP)

*11th Jan* - Argument between me, BI teacher and bookshop aunty. =.= Of course, teacher stand by me. TvT *touched* The situation ended up the whole class need to pay RM5 each(after discount) for the stupid "Bravo! English 1119" T,T

*12th Jan*- Suffered. Absent to school and tuition.

*13th Jan*
- Ulcer cured. Yay, basketball rocks!!

*14th Jan* - Applied an hour slip to sleep in b.kebajikan then went back home during recces time. After 3 minutes sitting on that uncomfortable chair in that humid b.kebajikan, I ran to play piano in the hall, which is against the school rules, Wee~!!^^ PCGHS HALL'S PIANO IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

*15th Jan* - I saw steam, stars and seesaw cutting a wood...=v=

My illness + dizziness + daydreaming has made me pay. No, not me alone but the WHOLE CLASS. Damn, stupid virus. Sorry, class!! >.<"

Please pray so that I can recover soon and don't steam anymore. T.T

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