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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

TESL Night'11 --- Exuberance (part 1)

#Exuberance posters#

A short intro to non-IPGs :
TESL (Teaching English as Second Language) Night is/should be/must be an annual event for us TESLians. It is a night to form bonds and build chemistry by adding a little bit of potassium chloride for liquid starter and some potassium permanganate to give a nice purplish colour, oh and also...*ignored*

(What the hell is that for? *shrug* =o)

I'm so sorry for the late updates. Finally got back my card reader and most importantly, I'm in hometown! Which means...super FAST connection. \(^0^)/

Hehe, via pictures and videos you can tell how much fun we had. Those were moments to cherish and I really enjoyed cooperating with y'all. =)

Click here for our awesome pictures! :P

Here, I would like to share some of our videos.

Photographer : Fang
Artists : Suresh, Swaran, Suga, Bie, Winson, Loh, Fang etc.

Oh, uhh...
Before watching, kindly tilt your head to the left at 90 degree.
(I don't know how to rotate the videos @_@)


#We're fooling behind during practice.#

#Swaran solo + Winson #

#The true colour of yanne#

#Sexy boy solo + Yanne the rubbish maker#

#Francesca + Bie + yanne calefe#

#Papi Practise#

-to be continued-

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