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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mario Maurer

Yes, I'm posting about Mario Maurer but not my beloved Jay Chou.
This is the first time I post about other male artist besides Jay.

Reason why? Because he's hot, and most importantly, he's normal.

Sorry if I sounded offensive but Thailand has got a lot of wonderful she-males,
and despite having an angelic face,
which every woman will be jealous of if he turns of a girl(woman),
he chose to be gendered under where he belongs.

Here's his biography :

Name - Mario Maurer
Birth date - December 4, 1988
Ethnicity - Half Chinese/Thai Half German
Height - 5'11
Place of Birth - Bangkok, Thailand
Occupation - Model turned Actor
Best known for his lead role in movie The Love of Siam (2007)

I heard he has acted in a gay film, and got well received.

The following will be a series of youthful glory photos of Mario Maurer.

He's already so beautiful when he's a kid.

Growing up. I believed he has melted numerous girls with that charming smile.

(above)bald head, went to NS? haha.
(below)look at his feature! The advantage of hybrid.

How can he be sooooo cute, having three kinds of blood flowing in him?!

He looks like a korean in this, or he has a fourth blood type in his body? =x

WARNING : The following content will be

This looks like LeeHom, only hotter. xD
(LeeHom fans please spare me)

He's really cute, don't you think so? =) and the girl looks familiar.

(left) he's all soaked but he's still hawt.
(right) his feature and innocent look are his assets.

To conclude, I still love Jay Chou.
profile editor

-end of article-

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