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Friday, April 16, 2010

I have two questions in mind :

1, Why are there 2 papa-bruises, 3 mama-bruises and 2 baby-bruises on my legs?

I played bb, but I didn't fall.
I danced, but I didn't hurt my legs.
I turned when I sleep, but I didn't hit the walls.

I assume I'm semi-conscious at night.
When I hit something, it hurts, I will know.

I still don't get why.

2, Why is my computer getting so lousy?

Her immune system is getting DOWN DOwn down..

Put aside the stoke she always have,
she's been eating yellow pigment from nowhere.

Or she's getting yellow-minded? 0.0

Look at this!

Ignore the two beauties in the middle, xD
her yellow face is what I'm concerned about.

It's like being a colour blind looking at her.
I don't know what colour is my font now,
and I can't tell the colour of the header.

Uh oh, is she showing signs of aging? o.o

I still don't get why.

Besides, I have 3 secrets in my mind :

1, ......

Duh, it was said a SECRET, why should I tell you?!

p/s: i realise the picture didn't show the yellow thingy

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