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Friday, February 19, 2016

Relationship - Religious Discrimination

Before preaching of love and fairness in treatment, how much do you actually practise them?

Yes, generosity, great patience and tolerance are required when opening up your welcoming arms to people who do not share the same belief or perspective in life. It is undeniably a munificence in accepting one into your life to share the moments, but will you bring someone across that border to be in your life?

From a religious perspective, be it quoting from the Bible or al-Quran or other holy books in the world, a large percentage includes a verse that basically says, "love is for all". Despite being the 'chosen ones', you are taught/commanded to love everyone, both lovable and unlovable. Ask yourself this question, would you be in a relationship/marry a person who does not seem to share the same beliefs and practices with you?

Let's narrow down the terms 'belief' and 'perspective' to the religion aspect.

If you are a monotheist, would you prefer going after a person who shares the same religion, who attends to the same practice, who thinks God should/shouldn't be put priority before anything? If either one is missing, would you doubt if that person's mindset resonate with yours and if it would cause a fissure in your relationship?

There are two main religions that I would like to highlight here :
Let's say you're a Christian, would you go after a person who has not baptized even though one is open to the practices?

Let's say you're a Muslim, would you go after a person who does not cover her head or not dressing according to how the Quran has taught even though one believes in the prophet Muhammad and Allah S.W.T?

Compromising can be hazardous sometimes.
When you compromise the little things that seemingly harmless despite sharing the core foundation of belief, you would find the little things eventually being magnified and irritable. You might start thinking why can't one fulfill the little commands when one has believed in something so majestic?

People with a religious pillar seems to have a paranormal strength to lean on but they are, too, the ones that receive more jibe and slander having to stand up for their faith and live up to their beliefs.

Religion seems to be preaching a love that the world shares.
But at times when I ponder and reflect on the various people I have met, they seem to be sharing the same religious discrimination and apparently they are unconsciously preaching the ideology to the next generation.

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