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Thursday, August 19, 2010


Yes, I heard him everywhere I go!

#While playing basketball in the stadium,

I heard《跨时代》,

and chop, a 3-point shoot! ^0^

#While slacking in Prangin Mall after school,
I heard 《龙战骑士》in S&J,
and I get to buy something I wanted for only RM2 which actually costs around RM10.

- cute Stitch -

#On the way to tuition,
I heard 《烟花易冷》 from 988 FM.

At least these made me forgot about all the unhappiness momentarily.

- Another rapid ride -


For all sorts of reason, I hate this week.
I hate it!!

Don't make me tell stories,
I don't want to say rude words anymore.


Walkathon, I'm coming.

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