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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Homestay and Field Trip in Japan! (Tokyo篇)

Yay, Japan! よろしくね,東京!
This trip was planned for half a year, and now it's over!
Ever since we booked our flight tickets in July, we've been anticipating this day to arrive!
How time flies. All the bitter sweet memories *drowning*
This post will be done in detail, thus might be draggy and long.
If you're up to it, then read it and experience my whole journey! :D

(How I wish I could upload each and every photo here so I can save space for new memories! Too bad I can't, else it'd be four pages long.)


Taking a 17:30 flight from Penang to KL, then midnight flight to Tokyo.
I wasn't as nervous as I thought I would be but the excitement was there. After doing a last minute research on places I would be going, I planned a meet up with Takushi Matsuyama. He was one of the Waseda University students that came to my campus for an interaction session with us Japanese class members in 2013. He's the only one I kept in touch occasionally. So, I thought, why not? I miss his smile!

Met this senpai of mine in KLIA2 for dinner before meeting others. Airport foods are relatively more expensive than other branches. Hmm, what do you expect?

Loving my new shades!

It was my first time in KLIA2, had roughly an hour to explore the place before we checked in our baggage and boarded the plane. I was sitting next to sensei as I booked her flight ticket. She's like a Doraemon! Now don't get me wrongly. She had almost EVERYTHING. Sweets, tit-bits, bread, water, snacks....she offered one after the next. I couldn't stop giggling.

When the plane took off, we struggled to dig out sensei's camera because my phone battery died. The night view of KL looks festive, to me. Flickering of colorful lights on the runway and twinkling of yellow street lights. I thought it was romantic. 
BUT, we had no idea how to operate sensei's video camera. Every shot turned out blur and we had no idea what to do with the settings. #girlswithtechnology

It's 01:30 now, I'd better get some sleep. Whole day of fun and excitement awaits. Oyasumi.


05:27, woken up by sensei. We sat by the window, and something caught my eyes. 

How often do you get to see sunrise at the altitude of roughly 40,000 feet? 
On top of that, how often do someone like me get to see sunrise at all? 
"Breakfast" had long been erased from my dictionary because I hardly have mornings if I had no class to attend. I'm not proud of it but I'm not ashamed of it. Hehe.

See for yourself.

Hashtag no filter. 
The first ray. 
Seas of clouds.
The announcement was interesting. The longest ever I heard I think. Usually it's done in three languages only but this was done in first English, then Japanese, Bahasa Melayu and lastly Mandarin. (Kind of proud that I can understand 3 out of 4. Hopefully the next time I heard an announcement done in Japanese, I would be able to comprehend without difficulty.) It was an announcement regarding influenza which Japan had taken a strong precaution about it. 

And oh! Another reason the announcement was interesting because I noticed some grammar errors.

We landed at Narita Airport around 08:15. Apparently we were 30 minutes ahead schedule.

See our happy faces?
A happy grin to greet the warm sunlight.

First stop : Ueno train station.

Saw this cute petite lady in airport. Not sure of her function though.
She was so surprised when I asked for a picture. Haha.

It wasn't as cold as I thought it'd be. I was actually sweating because inside the train was quite warm.

The single transition ticker cost 900+yen. 

This umm, to and fro/total amount, can't remember. Anyways, 10300yen. Ouch.

Ouch. Costly. But the scenery was pleasing.

A lady accidentally bumped into me in the train (it was just a slight brush actually) and the lady kept saying "Sumimasen" which mean "Excuse me/I'm sorry". I just landed in this country not long ago but I had started to experience the Japanese courtesy being expressed explicitly already.

Want to know how excited we were? Well, first day is always the most exhilarating.
(pardon my Malay slang, lol)

Pimples covered my face but I was pretty sure my face was glowing. Because I was thrilled and feeling all energized to welcome a whole new experience in life!

My favourite ustazah and senpai!

Apparently 'Arigato' is the short form of "No, thanks" as well.
I gave my seat to an old lady but she refused. (Yes, I''m a kind girl.) Contrary to our culture, if you offer someone a thing and that person replies 'thank you', it means that person accepts your offer.
Both of us stood in front of the empty seat. Imagine how awkward was it. She said "Arigato" twice when I kept motioning her to sit. Eventually, I got back to my own seat thinking she might be getting down the next stop. That would explain her actions. 

She got off only after two stations. Before getting down, she purposely passed by my seat to wave goodbye. I replied sweetly, "Sayonara". 
"Now you're friends already huh", teased Puan Nor.

Shhh. Stalking Japanese guy in train.
Thought he looked a bit like JingXian. Haha.
We had to walk for quite a distance to reach our hotel. Surprisingly, it wasn't as cold as I thought it would be. No inner, only a t-shirt, winter jacket and a scarf. And gloves. My hands are 24/7 icy cold even in Malaysia.

While waiting for sensei to ask around for directions, we waited at this nearby playground.

Had our lunch at Ootoya. According to sensei, it's one of the most affordable and promising restaurants in Tokyo.


I noticed something. Japanese guys like to suit up! Not only everyone's wearing the same grey-black suit, they're all almost of the same pattern!

Like this!
(Even matching pants!)

No kidding. Out of 100, 99 men would be wearing the same stripe suit.
I asked my Japanese friend and he confirmed it! :P

Maybe it was a common winter fashion but Taiwanese wasn't like this when I went during winter. Wanted to take a photo of them but it would seem rude to do so.
Oh and, it's a norm for guys to carry a briefcase, else a sling bag for younger ones. Unlike Malaysian guys who like to walk around with a girl because they would get to put all their gadgets in the girl's handbag. 
Girls, you'd understand.

The sky was pitch black already. In Japan, the sky started to get dark around 16:00 during winter. 
My heart pounded faster as the sole of my boots went from dangling to totally detached. (It's only my first day in Japan /-\ but oh well, the boots had been serving for three years) 

Plan to Asakusa got cancelled because it's too late due to some of us got off the team and the rest had to wait for them. We had no line at all to contact one another. Then, Harajuku got cancelled because we changed our plan to Nakano station where it's more affordable for me to buy a new pair of boots. We were in Shinjuku for my boots hunt but they're simply too expensive. Shinjuku has all kinds of Japanese branded shops.

Nakano was vibrant and happening. Bought a pair of new boots at 2808yen.Woohoo! So glad I didn't get persuaded earlier to buy a branded pair at 9610yen. Hmph.

Dinner : Ramen. Sensei's treat. Yeepee!

We headed for Akihabara, which was 25-minute away by train. Akihabara was a place to shop mainly for electronic appliances and anime stuffs. They had this large shop called Bic Camera selling all kinds of gadgets and a whole stretch of anime shops. From shojo to hentai (you know what I mean), you can spend hours hopping from one shop to another if you're an anime fan.

(A whole stretch of anime shops)

We went back to Ikebukuro, the station nearest to our hotel at around 21:30. 
The rest called it a day and went back to charge their energy as none of us really had enough sleep in the plane. Was expecting Leo them to explore around since the night was still young but turned out they wanted to have supper at Mcd only so I wandered alone.

Yes, I was aware of how dangerous it might be for a young girl to wander alone aimlessly in a foreign city at night, especially Ikebukuro was known as no-sleeping town. It had countless bars and pubs and a few clubs and... those business. I thought I spotted one. They were open-minded enough to put out all kinds of posters, though nothing extreme like those near the Pink Hotel in Hatyai.

So, I was roaming around clueless. I simply wanted to maximize my time there in Japan and I wasn't tired anyways. Of course, I walked only in areas where the crowd was. I knew how to protect myself. Ikebukuro was mostly about arcade shops, eateries, pubs, bars and clubs. Wanted to try out a drink from the vending machine only to realize I left my purse in my friend's bag. After thinking of a good excuse, I went back to the hotel to get my purse and came out again. (You see, if my friends knew about me wandering alone, they would tell sensei and I would get into trouble) Sorry Naqib, Xinyi, I lied about hanging out with Leo them.

Turned out I was lost, not sure of the landmark Leo showed me earlier. (He wasn't sure anyways) Took the wrong turn and I got lost. I have really poor sense of direction. How do I know? I still couldn't recognize the direction from the train station to my hotel even on the last day. I blame mom for this. Her gene. Fortunately, my Japanese was proficient enough to survive and Japanese had been kind. 

I continued walking around exploring the unfamiliar city, watching and analyzing people's behavior. There's this strange phenomenon, at least to me, in Ikebukuro streets. At every cross junction, you would see tall, not buff but looking strong guys standing in the middle of the road like mafias. (After all, they're all wearing suits) I wasn't sure what their motives were but nobody seemed to be afraid of them. I saw one of them approaching a middle-aged man. I purposely passed by one of the guys and wondered if they would approach me and hand me flyers so I could figure out their function. *sigh* They didn't even bother to look at me. =/

I was feeling all relax and light-hearted until this young man in red and black checkered winter coat came up to me and spoke in Japanese, "Excuse me, young girl. Are you alone?" I smiled and shook my head. He realized that I was a foreigner and said, "O, chugoku?" which means "China?" I remained silent then he asked, "친구?" which means 'friend' in Korean. I smiled and shook my head again, adding on a slight nod of courtesy and a stop gesture. He kept walking beside me and said, "O, eigo(english)? Hi." I realized he's getting too close to me now, our shoulders almost bump into each other's, so I stepped back, made a big cross with both my arms, smiled and quickly walked away.

(If my mom/sensei ever sees this post, I'm so dead.)

He stopped following me. I didn't dare to turn around to see whether he's still looking at me. I turned into the nearest junction I encountered and glanced over my shoulder to check whether the guy trailed behind. My pupils dilated when I saw him extending his neck to see the direction I's headed. 
Okay, maybe my pupils didn't dilated that much but I was just trying to express how frightful I was. I didn't want to get into trouble on my first day! 

I quickened my pace and purposely walked close to a couple of Japanese girls. Couldn't use them as a shield for too long though, people would think I's a creep. Bought supper from 7-11 and walked back to Sakura Hotel. Phew.

I managed to buy a steamed stuffed bun(273yen) and apple flavored tea(140yen) after utilizing my whole body to express myself. 


The cashier had a hard time explaining flavors of all the buns but I managed to comprehend at the end. Pork, chicken, pizza cheese and the other two unknown due to communication breakdown. I pointed at yellow pizza cheese bun because that looked rather unique. 
When I got back to the hotel, this was what I got.

I spent around RM8 for a normal steamed pork bun?!
Oh my, I can get that everywhere in Malaysia! ^%&%@#%$ 

Just like mom's worn out boots, some things might just happen out of control. Well, this is how certain journeys are made memorable. What matters most is all's well and ends well.

* がんばりましょう!*

First night. (wow, this is long) It's only the first night.
The tears, the colors, the different wavelengths, the sincerity.
All of us feel like we've been in Japan for some time already.
I wondered what more challenges awaited in this foreign city as I dozed off at 02:30.


Woke up at 07:30. Had breakfast in the cafe beside hotel lobby before attending a home stay briefing session by Yamemaya-san. It's an all-you-can-eat buffet style. Well, what's on the menu? Toast, strawberry jam, grape jam, orange jam, coffee, tea, meaty mushroom soup and plain water. 

The soup was non halal as the ingredients included pork besides beef and chicken. Hmm. 580yen breakfast. I thought the soup made 580yen worthwhile.

We went to this street (forgot the name) for lunch and shopping.

Notice how the colour tones out from green to yellow? どもきれい!

It's normal to see some shopkeepers dress up like this.

Ahhhh I'm so excited!!! I see Pikachu everywhere!!


Naqib and I wanted to follow sensei for the famous tempura but got left behind because of traffic light. (Sensei's never done a headcount by heart before heading anywhere throughout the whole trip and us getting left behind happened at least 5 times throughout the whole trip. And she didn't realize even once! Geng leh.) So, we explored on our own. :)

Japanese take abiding by the rules seriously. The roads were clear but red light meant stop. Everyone stood obediently at the sides. If you cross it, you'd be seen prejudicial.

Next, we visited Yoyogi Park. Due to time constraint, we only took jump shots at the entrance of the park. Then, we left for our respective home stay destination.

Too bad jump shots are not with me =(

So happened that the line we're supposed to take got delayed due to an accident. The trains would only resume at 14:00. Sensei had to call all the host families who were supposed to meet around 14:30 to inform about the delay. I was meeting my host family only at 15:30 so I had time to walk around. After persuading sensei, finally I got off the hook and did not have to return to hotel with the rest. Wheee!

I was full of joy and wonder. The weather was rather cold but I was pretty sure a big grin got plastered on my face. I was in the mood that's up for almost anything!

 I walked towards Yoyogi Park and met this group of westerners being interviewed by a Japanese Youtuber near the park entrance. I walked up to them and talked to an American guy in his 30/40s standing behind the video camera watching the interview. His name was...uh oh sorry. Umm, he married a Japanese and was working as an airport engineer in Japan for two years already. His friends came over from US to pay him a visit and got interviewed there. I remembered!

He asked to pose in Malaysian style. I couldn't think of a significant pose so I did a universal one.

Then I asked him to give me an American pose and he did this. Lol.

After the interview was done, his friends came to talk to me and we had fun chatting about Japan, Malaysia and Chinese dialects. Apparently, to most foreginers, Malaysian Chinese are language genius because most of us can speak at least 3 languages and 2 dialects.

Oh I speak more *show off*

We had a good chat and took photo before I continued my own adventure. Cheese!

Yoyogi Park was like an escape from the urban city life. If you wanna get lost in mother nature, go Yoyogi Park. You can spend up to 5 hours there and get drunk on the picturesque view.

Who doesn't love maple leaves?


A park that will calm your rumbling seas in heart.

It's early winter and no snow in Tokyo so it looked pretty autumn-like.

I'm guessing those are sakura flowers but I'm not sure.

Look at the colours! Pretty little thing.
While immersing myself in the refreshing ambiance of Yoyogi Park, I was lucky to bump into parents bringing their children all dressed up grandly in kimono. 

(Look at this little beauty! Father is Norwedian, Mom is Japanese, they live in San Francisco now.)

They're bringing their children to the shrine and pray for their children's health and wealth. They call this Shichi-Go-San Festival (7-5-3 Day). Children dressing up formally at the age of 3/5/7 to celebrate their growth. If you're curious about this practise, this article is comprehensible and informative : 

Then, I walked over to this place near the National Museum bla bla. The trees! They caught my eyes.  p(@v@) q  *jumping up and down inside my heart* I was totally excited! Bright golden leaves! Not the usual yellow lime colour you see in autumn. Forgive me for my over-reacting. Nothing captivates your heart more than the beauty of nature.


                (Sorry for the lousy photography skill,can't really show the golden-ness of the leaves)

It was about time when I got ready for my home stay. Talked to three 19-year-old Japanese students who are Physics majors in the train. They can speak wonderful English. After a short chat with them, I went to stand at a corner and heard them talking about me. "Kawaii desu" followed by a few agreeing nods. *am song*

I estimated enough time to travel but I forgot to take into account the possibility of getting lost. I got lost on the way back to hotel. After asking a few kind strangers, I managed to get back to my hotel. (An old lady even brought me to this police patrol hut and get the policeman to give me direction. Haha! She couldn't speak English but she recognized that I's a foreginer and I was lost.)

I practically ran from train station to hotel and from hotel to train station again. My base layer was soaked in sweat. With winter's cool breeze blowing my face, I hoped I wouldn't get sick lest my trip be ruined. 

I should be departing from Ikebukuro at 14:54 but I got on the train around 15:10. Japanese has a strong principle on punctuality. I hoped I didn't leave a bad first impression to my host family. Finally got myself a seat in train. I took out my notebook and started practicing my script.

Sure enough, I was late. Reached Ageo at 15:51 when I was supposed to meet up at 15:30. I ran out from the exit and saw a man holding a paper with large printed words "Ms Hung Jun Fang". I ran towards my host father, gave a 90 degree bow with teary eyes(I did not fake it), "Omatase shimashita. Hontoni gomenasai!" I felt really really bad. He finished off work early just to come pick me up. But he was all cool, kept saying "Daijoubu desu." and kept talking to me in car. I would say we had the most comfortable chat despite our first meeting.

My host family.
Such a cozy and friendly family!

I scribbled a lot in my little travel diary about the dribs and drabs of my home stay experience. But I'm getting lazy as the post is getting too long and my host family was loving enough to sort out and compile the photos and turn them into a video clip! How touching is that? Awwwww. Feel like flying to Ageo and gave them a bear hug!

It's called : Fang Special Movie. Hahaha.

I took some videos to introduce tatami room(traditional Japanese straw mat room) as well as to commemorate me helping out in cooking!
(It's a rare opportunity to see me cooking.)

I give up trying to upload the videos. I compressed and compressed and finally get the biggest file to 100MB but I couldn't even upload a 37MB file. Why you let me down, Blogger? :‘(

This pretty much sums up my three-days-two-nights home stay.

They sent me home around 16:40 and I was restless. The plan was to meet Takushi at 17:30, Ikebukuro train station. But there were a lot of exits for that station, my phone went dead and never be woken up again until now before I could read Takushi's reply. He mentioned to wait at the east exit. (I knew all these only afterwards)

My friends and I waited at the west exit until 18:10 only Hasif realized he had jotted down his phone number. #whydidntyourecallearlier&;$@#&;$! We reached him through a public phone and FINALLY meeting up. I asked him later on and found out for that half an hour that we're late, he was running between east and west exits just in case we're waiting at either one. Remember how Japanese are very concerned about punctuality? He did not mean mug or give a disgruntled look at all. In fact, he strived hard to satisfy our different needs, kept surfing the net to find the nearest store that has what we wanted. We were truly touched.



We wanted to go Pokemon Centre but we forgot to check the time and it was closed by the time we met up with Takushi. Well, I was glad honestly because we got to go Shibuya! Ever heard of significant Shibuya crossing? Ta-dah!

Notice the armies behind me across the road ready for a stampede. Haha
It's a wow factor in Tokyo because this junction connects roads from more than 4 directions and the pedestrian lights turn green together. If you can't imagine that, I'll show you a picture.

I experienced it. It's more crowded than walking in Shanghai, but the difference is in Tokyo, this happens only at this crossing while in Shanghai, it's almost everywhere.

That night, we requested to walk him back to the train station as a sign of gratitude before starting our reflecting session for home stay program. Sensei could not comprehend our intention and said something which we thought was quite rude. But ahh, I wanna leave that bad memory behind. Takushi was fine so we decided to let it go. We couldn't argue over sensei anyways. 

Side note : Naqib is such a sweet, caring young lady. 
She knew I had super poor sense of direction and was very sure that I couldn't recognize my way back to hotel so she followed along. Sorry I lied about knowing the way back. You're soooo sweet, Naqib! Sayang you! 



It rained the moment we stepped out of the building.
We went to Tokiwa Primary School to have a study tour. Well, we're teacher trainees. :D
Of course, we got lost on the way there. Takeshima-san, president of the homestay program as well as sensei's good friend, was kind enough to came out of school and led us the way. 

Getting lazier each day as the whole trip was tiring, packed with schedules so that we would maximize our stay in Japan. Since the pages in my travel diary getting more empty, I shall substitute with photos.

Oh, my father set this special mode in the camera so that once I turned on the camera, everything will be recorded and compiled into a video clip. It even split automatically according to the date so it's like compiling one whole day of journey into a short video clip. Brilliant!

but...I couldn't upload it. And I'm not gonna upload all the photos. There's a LOT of photos.
Bummer :(


We went to Asakusa (Nakamise Dori) and Meiji Jingu that morning before going Waseda University. We had udon in this restaurant near Asakusa. I lost my appetite since last night. I wasn't hungry but I managed to finish one bowl of udon. I felt like just stopping by the toilet even though I did not have any nature call to answer. A sudden urge rushed through my throat and before I knew it, I vomited. This kinda freaked sensei out though she was feeling headache as well since boarding at KLIA2. 

no photos here because...

I lost my camera at Ueno subway station and got a real good scold from sensei. I thought I saw sensei's teary eyes while scolding me. I was moved. She was mad because she thought I should've told her earlier and not only when we were on our way back. Well, I thought since nothing could be done and we would be passing by this station again upon return. I wouldn't even need to let her know if the guy at lost-and-found counter could speak English. Lol. Sigh.

After filling up a form and showing my passport, I got back my camera. It's Japan! =3

 Had presentation by two students and sensei, then we got into groups for games and interaction. The sessions were not at all draggy and the games were well thought. One point for you, Shunta! =)

We were so surprised to see Takushi appearing in class during game session. He came! You have no idea how glad we were when we saw you, Takushi. =D Later on, we split into three groups to have dinner at three different restaurants. Hohoho. After listening to all the stories, I was so glad I chose Ootoya restaurant even though I wanted okonomiyaki at first.

I ordered kids meal (the Waseda students must be shocked inside haha) as I had no appetite, but the portion was quite large.

My table mates! Jason(he's a Taiwanese) & Akiko(she's so pretty!)

I ate only broccoli, potato and jelly. The urge came again. I ran to the nearest public toilet and vomited. Again. Ughh.

Japanese are soooooooo caring. (Can't express enough how moved I was during my stay in Tokyo) This lady saw me vomitting and went out to get the arcade shop attendant outside, They cornered me and talked to me in Japanese. I couldn't understand and I felt so weak. Then, through their body language, I understood that they're asking whether I's pregnant. Hahaha. So cute. Then, they asked if I was drinking or eating. I thought they're asking if I had taken anything so I nodded. Then, this lady took out a small packet of medicine and asked me to take it. I was deeply moved and told them through body language that I would go back to get my water and I walked off. Not sure if they waited for me there but I went back to the restaurant because the rest were waiting for me. 

I showed Takushi the medicine and he said it's for over eating. Something like Eno. So I didn't take it. That night, once again Japanese showed me their kindness and sincere solicitude. I love Japan even more now.

We headed off to Illumination City, The wind was so strong and it was freaking freezing for us Malaysians. The Japanese seemed fine as though it was a sea breeze in summer. We were too cold to take out our camera but managed to take a few photos. It was a great time spent with Waseda University students. After a few rounds of hugging, we parted at train station.


Enoshima! An island surrounded by ocean(duh) with a lighthouse!
Ticket : 1700yen

We tried this ramune(200yen) and barbeque squid(300yen I think) before going up the tower. Mmm-mm goooood. I bought one bottle for my parents and they loved it! Even the way of opening the bottle was special.

XinYi took a video of me demonstrating how to open the bottle but I doubt I could upload it here anyways. :/

Some of us took the lead and eventually walked off first to the top of Enoshima Lighthouse Observation Tower. 

I was so glad we didn't wait for the rest. They were caught by the pretty flowers planted in the gardens below. There were temples and boards where people hang their wishing plates on them.

The view from the tower is refreshing! A big wide blue lively ocean falls beneath your eyes.

 The wind on the balcony was sooooo strong you felt like you're being blown away. Not exaggerated! Not hyperbole! Literally! It's the first time I actually felt that wind could really carry me away. As if I's gonna fly around like Peter Pan or Jack Frost. It was aweeeeeeesome! 

Why did I say we were glad? Because the authority decided that it was too dangerous for us to stay there as the wind was too strong. They shooed us down and closed the session. Wooooohoooo! We were so lucky. Aweeeeesome! Strong wind always get me excited and put a smile on my face. Feels like nothing is to be worried anymore, 乘风飞走吧! 

After the visit to Enoshima lighthouse, we went down to the street down the slope and had a shopping spree. The goods sold there are much more affordable compared to other places. Shibuya was another shopping heaven.

Next : Kamakura
The daibutsu was smaller than I thought. I've read reviews saying it's empty in side but it costs only 20yen so why not experience it yourself since you've come so far. Well, it was really empty. I actually expected some fossils or scrapes etc.

Behind the daibutsu was a beautiful garden filled with autumn-like trees. I love the colour! Who disagrees that autumn is the best season among all four?

It has wasabi sauce in it. And umm, trust me. You don't wanna try this. Not because of spicy but the taste is simply......unique.

Traffic light trees everywhere! The ones in Ghibli Museum were prettier.

That night, we went to one of sensei's favourite restaurants for dinner. Sensei strongly recommended this squid ink spaghetti. Eww. Thank goodness I didn't order that. Well, don't be discouraged though. You should try it if you encounter an opportunity like this. I was the only one disliking it while the rest kept having a second helping.

Night : nomikai! (drinking party)
I met this foreigner while surveying for a place for the party and had a great talk with him. He's 26 years old and had great experience woofing around the world. He's been in Japan for one month already when I met him.

I bought this 4% Kirin pear beer from 7-11 and thought it was rather strong. Felt as if it was 10%. Weird. Had my drinking ability gone down the drain? But when sensei bought me 3% peach beer in the airport, it wasn't strong at all. It tasted more like sparkling juice and was rather refreshing! 

Dinner for the night :

Pretty Japan style, convenient. But it's cold because I's supposed to heat it up but forgot about having a shared kitchen on 6th floor. ==


We slept around 02:00 last night but woke up at 04:00 sharp and moved at 05:00. 

No one afforded to miss our flight back home. During the 7-hour flight journey, I barely slept. Had a long intimate bonding session with sensei.

Manga is for everyone!

Finally bidding Japan farewell.
God, you're such a mystery. Your plans are truly greater than mine.
Thanks, again, for everything.

We reached KLIA2 around 16:00+. Had dinner with sensei at OldTown and lingered around alone while waiting for my flight back to Penang.

Time flies. A trip that had been long anticipated was over, just like that. Will miss you, Takushi. You're truly a great friend. Hope you enjoyed your HongKong trip :)

This beige cap is his trademark. Haha.





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