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Saturday, August 23, 2014

That Sentimentality

Maybe it's growing up,
Maybe it's life getting more hectic than before,
Maybe it's one of the moments when you listen to emotional songs and life moments come back to you like a playback, screened scene by scene.

The clock continues to tick. The more I gain, the less they have left.

It struck me that having yet to start working, I have already arranged my schedule to be packed and eventful when I can opt for a slack/typical lifestyle of studies and movies. I never regretted committing myself in so many areas, this is how I want my life be to the fullest. Exposing myself to as many things as possible, giving life the opportunities to trip me over (though I don't handle them well, lol)... in hope that these experiences may help to pave a less bumpy road ahead.

I'm not drowned by fatigue. I miss home.
I need warm hugs. I need Olaf.

Song for the night :

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