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Friday, August 2, 2013

August Trials

When life gives you an N, you tend to dig out all formulas, go through all possible methods and squeeze your brain juice just to figure out the solution. Nonetheless, the N always remain unresolved until the time of happening. That moment of realization that hits like a struck of lightning, 'star-style' or otherwise.

We dread when facing unknowns, yet march towards it with overflowing anticipation and excitement. For fearing unexpected encounter, we predict every possible event and arm ourselves with psychological preparation. But the tension is still there.

No matter how well prepared you think you are, things usually don't turn out the way you wish it'd be. For the heads up, if the ending is meant to be heart breaking, you heart will not be less torn just because it crossed your mind beforehand.

Never ending submission of assignments, crammed deadlines, packed schedule, anticipated happenings, catching up, meeting up, awaited adventure, second phase mental challenge, unexpected exhausting free labor... August Trials.

I never regretted for making my life this semester hectic by signing up this and that, taking part in this and that etc because hostel life is monotonous and dull alright. Hectic life is a life full of happenings, a life full of memories and a life well lived. :)

When people don't appreciate your efforts or life don't reward you the way you deserve, give yourself some credit and grin broadly! :)

Don't give up. \m/,

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